(January 21, 2019 – Los Angeles, CA) – La-La Land Records has announced the upcoming release of the Season One soundtrack of FOX’s THE ORVILLE – created by Emmy Award-winning actor and writer Seth MacFarlane. The series has been a hit with audiences since its debut and this will mark the first time that the soundtrack is getting its own release. Academy Award-nominated and Emmy Award-winning composers Bruce Broughton (Lost in Space, Silverado), Joel McNeely (Air Force One, A Million Ways to Die in The West), John Debney (The Jungle Book, The Greatest Showman) and Andrew Cottee (Robot Overlords) used a 75-piece orchestra to create a classic and beautiful score that will be released on a two-disc CD set on Tuesday, Jan. 22, followed by a digital download from Fox Music on Friday, Jan. 25. Season Two of THE ORVILLE airs Thursdays (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX

“La-La Land Records is deeply honored to be releasing the astounding orchestral score to THE ORVILLE,” says La-La Land Records executive producer Matt Verboys. “Steeped in classic film scoring motifs, with exciting contemporary flourishes all its own, these episode scores demonstrate unequivocally how exceptional television music can be, and how high it can aspire.”

Seth MacFarlane’s hit space adventure series, THE ORVILLE, returns for more journeys into new worlds. Set 400 years in the future, the series follows The U.S.S. Orville, a mid-level exploratory spaceship. Its crew, both human and alien, face the wonders and dangers of outer space, while also dealing with the problems of everyday life.

THE ORVILLE is produced by 20th Century Fox Television. The series was created and written by Seth MacFarlane. MacFarlane, Brannon Braga, David A. Goodman, Jason Clark and Jon Cassar serve as executive producers on the series. Jon Favreau directed the series premiere episode.

About Bruce Broughton:
Bruce Broughton is best known for film scores such as Silverado, Tombstone, The Rescuers Down Under, The Presidio, Miracle on 34th Street, the Homeward Bound adventures and Harry and the Hendersons; his television themes to Seth MacFarlane’s The Orville, JAG, Dinosaurs and Steven Spielberg’s Tiny Toon Adventures; TV mini-series (Texas Rising, The Blue and Gray); TV movies (Warm Springs, O Pioneers!); as well as countless episodes of TV series such as Dallas, Quincy and Hawaii Five-O. He has been nominated for an Oscar twice, a Grammy and twenty-three Emmys, having won the latter award ten times. He has composed music for many of the Disney theme park attractions throughout the world and wrote the first orchestral score for the CD-ROM game, Heart of Darkness.

Broughton’s concert music includes numerous works for orchestra and chamber groups, performed by ensembles such as the Cleveland Orchestra, the Chicago Symphony and the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. A member of the Board of ASCAP, he has served as chair of the Music Branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and has served as a Governor for the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. He is a past president of The Society of Composers and Lyricists and has taught composition and orchestration at USC and UCLA.

About Joel McNeely:
Joel McNeely is an Emmy® Award-winning composer and conductor with more than 100 motion picture and television credits. He maintains a busy schedule composing for film and television as well as recording, producing and concert conducting. As a composer for film and television, McNeely has worked repeatedly with such respected filmmakers as James Cameron, John Lasseter, Seth MacFarlane and George Lucas, among others. He is currently at work scoring the Fox TV series, The Orville.

He composed, conducted and orchestrated the score for Seth MacFarlane’s feature film comedy, A Million Ways to Die in the West. McNeely and MacFarlane also co-wrote an original song for the film which was performed by country music legend Alan Jackson. McNeely is currently producing Seth MacFarlane’s soon to be released 5th album project, Once In A While. MacFarlane’s 4th album, In Full Swing. garnered Grammy nominations for both Joel and Seth as well as Best Traditional Pop Album. He also produced and arranged MacFarlane’s 2015 Grammy nominated album No One Ever Tells You which reached #1 on the iTunes Jazz sales list as well as MacFarlane’s Christmas album Holiday for Swing and his first album of big band and orchestral standards, Music Is Better Than Words for Universal Republic Records which received two Grammy nominations. McNeely also has produced and arranged songs for such artists as Sara Bareilles, Katy Perry, Norah Jones, Burt Bacharach, Carly Simon, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Linda Ronstadt, K.D. Lang and Rosemary Clooney.

McNeely received the Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Music Composition (“The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles”). He was also nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction (“The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles”), a Grammy Award for Outstanding Classical Crossover Album (The Day the Earth Stood Still) and an Annie Award for Outstanding Music in an Animated Feature (Return to Neverland). In addition, he received an ASCAP Film and Television Award (Air Force One,) a BMI TV Music Award (American Dad) and a Gramophone Magazine Award for his recording of the motion picture score of Vertigo. He was given the Frost School of Music Distinguished Alumni Award from University of Miami and the Path of Inspiration Award from the Interlochen Center for the Arts.

About John Debney:
Debney’s first big film break came in 1997 with an offer to work on Liar Liar with director Tom Shadyac. With the success of this blockbuster comedy under his belt, Debney went on to work on a variety of different major films including Elf, Iron Man 2, Spy Kids (1 & 2), and I Know What You Did Last Summer. Debney and Shadyac continued to collaborate, going on to do Bruce Almighty in 2003 and the spinoff Evan Almighty together. In 2005, Debney formed a successful partnership with director Robert Rodriguez, creating scores for his movies Sin City and Machete.

Although Debney was widely known within the industry as a versatile and talented composer, the world wouldn’t discover him until he composed the landmark score for Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ. Enticed by the idea of working on a project that held deep, spiritual meaning for him, Debney’s score, which blended symphonic orchestra, a wide range of world instruments, and the beauty of the human voice, connected on an emotional level with viewers and listeners, and rose to #1 on Billboard’s charts for Soundtrack and Christian Albums, and #19 on the Billboard Top 200. The record was certified gold by the RIAA and won the Dove award for Best Instrumental Album, as well as garnering Debney an Oscar nomination.

Shortly after the movie release, Debney premiered “The Passion of the Christ Symphony” in Rome, Italy, a highly successful performance featuring an 83-person choir and a 96-piece orchestra, plus solo musicians and guest vocalists from both the film and the classical worlds, which received a 15-minute standing ovation from the audience. In the tradition of classical composers, John Debney enjoys conducting his own work and has conducted some of the world’s greatest orchestras. “A big part of the joy in what I do is that I consider it an honor to stand in front of live musicians and have the opportunity to hear my music played by these talented people.”

Debney’s most commercially successful work to date is Disney’s live-action adaptation of The Jungle Book, directed by Jon Favreau, released in 2016. Debney credits the success of the movie to the fact that both the film and the score, “Embraced the history” of the original. Long-time collaborator, Jon Favreau and John Debney have worked on a variety of films together including Elf, Zathura, Iron Man 2, and The Jungle Book. Among John Debney’s other most recent works are scores for Draft Day, Stoneheart Asylum and History’s Emmy-nominated Hatfields & McCoys as well as the History’s most recent mini-series Houdini, and A&E mini-series Bonnie & Clyde.

About Andrew Cottee:
Andrew Cottee is an award-winning composer, arranger and conductor with credits for film, television, theatre, the concert hall and recordings. Andrew is one of the most versatile and in demand artists of his generation.

Credits include Seth MacFarlane’s hit TV show ‘The Orville’ which together with his fellow composers on the show received ‘Best Original Score for Television’ from the International Film Music Critics Association in 2018. Andrew orchestrated ‘God Only Knows’ for BBC Music Day, ‘Mr Bean: The Animated Series’ and his work was featured on the CBS TV special in America ‘Sinatra 100’. Film credits include arrangements for the Universal Pictures 2016 release ‘Sing’ and orchestrations for the Bobby Darin biopic ‘Beyond the Sea’. In the theatre Andrew received credit for his contribution as orchestrator for the 2015 Broadway production of ‘An American in Paris’. Andrew was the arranger and music director for a live production directed by Baz Luhrmann and was the arranger and music director for Kevin Spacey’s farewell gala concert at the Old Vic Theatre.

In the recording studio, Andrew was the orchestrator for Paul McCartney’s ballet Ocean’s Kingdom, premiered in New York and recorded for Decca. Andrew’s work has been recorded for Warner Music and he was recently invited by Seth MacFarlane to write an album of original arrangements which they recorded together at Abbey Rd Studios in London for future release. Andrew is a graduate of the Royal College of Music and began his musical career as a percussionist performing with the London Symphony Orchestra, London Sinfonietta and BBC Big Band.

Track list:

1. The Orville Main Title 1:04
Composed by Bruce Broughton

Composed by Bruce Broughton
2. Shuttle to the Ship 1:54
3. She Requested It / Departing for Landing 1:09
4. Krill Attack / Shuttle Escape 4:14
5. Emergency Docking 2:27
6. Kelly Has a Plan / Asking Kelly to Stay 3:51

Composed by Joel McNeely
7. The Bio-Ship / Exploring the Hull 2:22
8. Exploring the Bio-Ship 2:45
9. Finding Alara / Space Battle 2:53
10. Dorahl / The Roof Opens* 4:05

Composed by John Debney
11. Distress Signal Received / Alara Freaks Out / Explosion 5:54
12. Alara Gets the Cold Shoulder / Approaching Calivon 3:52
13. Extermination Process Continues / Bortus Hatches His Egg 2:39

Composed by Joel McNeely
14. Western Simulation 1:01
15. Asteroid Destroyed / Relieved of Duty 1:07
16. Arriving on Moclus 1:42
17. Trip to the Mountains 2:15
18. Tribunal Adjourned / Epilogue 3:27

Composed by John Debney
19. Rescuing Pria* 3:51
20. Searching Pria’s Room / Dark Matter Storm / Navigating the Storm 4:06
21. Approaching the Coordinates / Isaac Saves the Crew* 3:19
22. Pria’s Theme 1:41

Composed by Joel McNeely
23. Distress Call 1:29
24. Krill Attack the Orville 2:49
25. Bomb Found 4:54
26. Intruder Alert / Preparing the Weapon 2:59
27. Turning on the Lights / New Enemies 2:29

Composed by John Debney
1. Lysella Wakes Up / Looks Like Earth* / Rescue Mission 1:39
2. John Gets Arrested / Alara Seems Suspicious 2:05
3. Ed Has a Plan 1:33
4. Bringing Lysella Aboard / Casting the Votes / Their World Can Do
Better 6:06

Composed by Joel McNeely
5. Sucked In 2:44
6. Claire Breaks Out 1:26
7. The Fight 1:21
8. Claire Returns to the Wreck 2:11
9. The Attack 1:55
10. Claire Thanks Isaac 1:21

Composed by John Debney
11. Archaeologist Arrives / Claire Visits Yaphit / Claire Kisses Yaphit 3:12
12. Fleets Approach / War Before Peace / Cleared for Duty / Darulio
Departs 4:38

Composed by John Debney
13. Plasma Storm / It Was Late Evening 3:08
14. Alara Blows off Steam / There Was a Clown 3:04
15. Alara Hallucinates / Deserted Ship 6:55
16. Cannot End Simulation / Back to Normal 4:03

Composed by Andrew Cottee
17. Damage Report / What Happened to the Plants? 2:00
18. Krill Ships Approaching 2:30
19. Within the Anomaly / Time to Reflect / Quantum Bubble Is
Deteriorating 2:25
20. Engaging Tractor Beam 2:17
21. Mission Complete / Commander Lamarr 2:48

Composed by Joel McNeely
22. Investigating an Anomaly 1:09
23. Emergency Landing 3:41
24. Searching the Planet 2:38
25. Walking Through Town 2:21
26. Spread the Word 1:17
27. Isaac Steps Up / Civilization Restored 3:14

28. The Orville End Titles 0:34
Composed by Bruce Broughton


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