(August 17, 2018 – Los Angeles, CA) – Varèse Sarabande Records releases today a limited edition release compact disc version of the FIREWALKER – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. This soundtrack is making its debut on CD as it was previously only available on LP Limited to 1000 copies, FIREWALKER will only be available at https://www.varesesarabande. com/products/firewalker.

In FIREWALKER, Chuck Norris and Lou Gossett Jr. play Max Donigan and Leo Porter, two soldiers of fortune, whose adventures rarely result in any notable gain. When women of mystery Patricia Goodwyn (Melody Anderson) gets her hands on a map leading to an ancient treasure in Central America, she hires Max and Leo to help her retrieve it. The movie was directed by veteran action director, J. Lee Thompson (The Guns Of Navarone). When the movie was released, the L.A. Times proclaimed of the score, “Gary Chang’s seductive Latin-tinged score is especially helpful in getting you in the escapist mood.” The film has gone on to become a cult classic with action fans around the globe. Gary Chang, an esteemed musician and composer, is one of the entertainment industry’s most celebrated soundtrack artists. Chang’s style uses an array of innovative expressions by incorporating atmospheric sounds with a variety of instruments and melodies. He has been scoring films since 1984, and has over 70 film music projects including 19 feature films to his credit.

About Gary Chang
Electronic musician and composer Gary Chang has collaborated with many luminaries in Film, Recording and Art music over the last 35 years. Once a student of famed electronic music composer Morton Subotnick while studying music composition at California Institute of the Arts, Gary emerged as leading proponent of music technology in the recording industry, playing and programming in the 1980’s for such diverse artists as Herbie Hancock, Robbie Robertson, Barbara Streisand, Supertramp, and Kansas. This eventually led to projects with many film composers, including Henry Mancini, Patrick Williams, and Giorgio Moroder. It was Giorgio’s recommendation that brought The Breakfast Club to Gary – a film that he would eventually gain his first credit as a composer. Gary’s work as a film composer has led him to collaborate with many important film makers of our generation – John Frankenheimer (52 Pickup, Andersonville, The Island of Dr. Moreau), Stephen King (Storm of the Century, Rose Red), Andrew Davis (Under Siege), David Putnam (The Burning Season), Jonathan Demme (Miami Blues), Roger Spottiswoode (Murder Live!), and Robert Mandel (The Substitute), to name a few.

Continuing with his lifelong work as a sound artist, in 2006, Gary toured Italy, performing an installation piece entitled Sanctuaries, which involved the installation of a 5.1 audio system in medieval churches in several locations in Italy (Rome, Benevento, La Spezia, Venice, and San Galgano). The entire content of the program was created with a Wiard 300 Series modular synthesizer, which he had constructed for the project. Gary has performed his electronic music live, as he did with Electronic Music luminaries Richard Devine, Alessandro Cortini and others at the REDCAT Theater in the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, in 2007.

Since 2015, Gary’s collaboration with experimental animation filmmaker Steve Socki has resulted in 2 films, which were entirely created by Steve (the visual artist) and Gary (the sound artist). Sparrow Duet (2016) has screened in over 40 film festivals internationally. So far in 2018, Hallowstide has screened in 30 film festivals internationally and has won 7 awards. A long time collaboration with film director Craig Baxley continues later this year with the feature length The Gingerbread Girl, which is another Stephen King script for Brainstorm Media.

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