Sony Classical releases a brand-new album paying tribute to iconic composer JAMES HORNER (1953-2015), available everywhere now just days ahead of what would have been the celebrated musician’s 65th birthday on August 14.

The Classics is an all-new collection showcasing Horner’s greatest works from Titanic, Avatar, Troy and Braveheart, to name a few. The vivid collection of back-to-back blockbuster hits brings together Horner’s unmistakeable movie themes, re-imagined in arrangements especially written for some of our top musicians including internet sensations, THE PIANO GUYS; cello wizards, 2CELLOS and TINA GUO; outstanding guitarist, CRAIG OGDEN; Classic BRIT Award-winning saxophonist, AMY DICKSONtogether with leading harpist, LAVINIA MEIJER; acclaimed violinist, LINDSEY STIRLING and exceptional piano discovery, ALEXIS FFRENCH. This eagerly-anticipated album pays fitting tribute to the much-missed composer by spotlighting Horner’s musical versatility and absolute mastery of the genre and presenting an array of key themes from his magnificent scores.

In celebration of the new album, renowned cellist Tina Guo releases the music video to accompany her arrangement of the theme from the 1985 Ron Howard-directed film Cocoon. “It was a huge honor recording the Avatar and Cocoon tracks on this new album,” Tina says. “All of James’ music is gorgeous and the new arrangements for cello and orchestra created for this CD to commemorate his amazing life and body of work are gorgeous – I’m just humbled to have been a small part of it!” The video itself is a highly conceptual visual that captures both the essence of the film as well as Tina’s signature storytelling style – watch below:


1.        My Heart Will Go On (From ‘Titanic’): 2CELLOS

2.        Rooftop Kiss (From ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’): Lavinia Meijer

3.        Willow’s Theme (From ‘Willow’): Amy Dickson

4.        Theme from Cocoon (From ‘Cocoon’): Tina Guo

5.        Main Title (From ‘Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan’)

6.        I See You (From ‘Avatar’): Tina Guo

7.        Field of Dreams (From ‘Field of Dreams’): Craig Ogden

8.        Somewhere Out There (From ‘An American Tail’): Amy Dickson & Lavinia Meijer

9.        For the Love of a Princess (From ‘Braveheart’): 2CELLOS

10.     The Ludlows (From ‘Legends Of The Fall’): Lindsey Stirling

11.     Jake’s First Flight (From ‘Avatar’): The Piano Guys

12.     Boys Playing Airplanes (From ‘The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas’):   Alexis Ffrench

13.     Main Title (From ‘Apollo 13’): David Elton

14.     Briseis and Achilles (From ‘Troy’): Lindsey Stirling

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