(Los Angeles, CA– April 26, 2018) Lakeshore Records announces the digital release of the original music created for Nat Geo WILD’s Earth Day television event Symphony for Our World.

The hour-long special combines stunning National Geographic natural history footage with an original symphony and theme created by Emmy- and BAFTA-nominated Bleeding Fingers Music composers Austin Fray and Andrew Christie, and a special musical collaboration with X Ambassadors, bringing viewers on a breathtaking musical journey through some of the world’s most incredible wildlife spectacles.

Driven by a five-part composition, Symphony for Our World pairs artistry with science as it brings viewers on a journey through five different ecosystems – sea, shore, land, mountains and sky. Each environment will be accompanied by a different chapter of the composition, resulting in a powerful musical tribute to the beauty and wonders of our wild world.

Symphony for Our World premiered commercial-free on Sunday, April 22, on Nat Geo WILD and will premiere globally in 140 countries.

Separate from the broadcast event, National Geographic will feature the original music created for the Symphony for Our World special in a live, global orchestral tour kicking off on Earth Day in San Francisco’s Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall. For performance dates and ticket information, visit

01. Symphony for Our World (feat. X Ambassadors) – Austin Fray
02. Symphony For The Sea – Austin Fray
03. Vibrant Reef – Austin Fray
04. Dark Shadows – Austin Fray
05. Predation – Austin Fray
06. Shark Horde – Austin Fray
07. Strange Serenity – Austin Fray
08. Orcas – Austin Fray
09. Gentle Giants – Austin Fray
10. Sea Of Rays – Austin Fray
11. Symphony For The Shores – Andrew Christie
12. Penguins – Andrew Christie
13. Polar Bears – Andrew Christie
14. Lava – Andrew Christie
15. Turtle – Andrew Christie
16. Birds – Andrew Christie
17. Crabs – Andrew Christie
18. Shore Babies – Andrew Christie
19. Symphony For The Land – Austin Fray
20. New Life – Austin Fray
21. Creeps And Clashes- Austin Fray
22. To Swallow A Snake – Austin Fray
23. The Northern Reaches – Austin Fray
24. The American West – Austin Fray
25. River Reaping – Austin Fray
26. Jamphibians – Austin Fray
27. Red Dirt And Sun (feat. X Ambassadors) – Austin Fray
28. Symphony For The Moutains – Andrew Christie
29. Winter Comes – Andrew Christie
30. Wolves – Andrew Christie
31. Arctic Monkeys – Andrew Christie
32. Avalanche – Andrew Christie
33. Winter Ends – Andrew Christie
34. Marmots – Andrew Christie
35. Lions & Llamas – Andrew Christie
36. Gorillas In The Mist – Andrew Christie
37. Bats – Andrew Christie
38. Parrots (feat. X Ambassadors) – Andrew Christie
39. Symphony For The Sky – Austin Fray
40. Hummingbirds – Austin Fray
41. Birds Of Prey – Austin Fray
42. Bats And Swarms – Austin Fray
43. Symphony For Our World Reprise (feat. X Ambassadors) – Austin Fray

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