Featuring Music by Eric Neveux

(February 27, 2018 – Los Angeles, CA) – Milan Records will release THE INSULT – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally on March 2nd. The album features the movie’s original score by Eric Neveux. THE INSULT, Lebanon’s first Oscar-nominated film, was theatrically released in the U.S. on January 12, 2018.

“Some of my past scores have been rather big productions, with a lot of orchestral material, pop combos, percussions, and choirs. THE INSULT was the exact opposite – an intimate and minimalistic production. I had full control of the music as I played it all myself and programmed all the parts; which enabled me to do some additional work on the music for the release of the soundtrack. Its simplicity reminds me of my debut as an electronic artist, before I started to work on films,” says Eric Neveux of the score.

Eric on bringing Director Ziad Doueiri’s sonic vision to life: “Ziad wanted the score to be contemporary, a bit abstract and to have electronic sounds implemented. He didn’t want the music to be dark at all, or to have too much tension. This is a film about reconciliation and he wanted the music to reflect the fact that there is always hope, and that all stories don’t end with a war or a terrible fight. This is an optimistic movie, and I did my very best to reflect this idea in the score.”


In today’s Beirut, Palestinian refugee Yasser (Kamel El Basha) has been assigned to fix building code violations in an insular Lebanese community. When Yasser attempts to fix a drainpipe protruding from the home of Tony (Adel Karam), a Lebanese Christian, Tony tries to ignore the request. Yasser begins the repair anyway and Tony lashes out, destroying the handyman’s work, prompting Yasser to shoot back with a vulgarity. Tony goes to Yasser’s boss and demands an apology, which Yasser finds hard to do.

When an attempt at reconciliation between the two men is organized, the increasingly angry Tony lets loose with a racially charged insult striking at the core of Yasser’s Palestinian heritage. An angry Yasser then punches Tony in the stomach, breaking a couple of his ribs in the process. The men subsequently face off in court, with Tony demanding an apology for the assault and Yasser standing his ground. With neither man retaining a lawyer and insubstantial evidence on both sides, the judge throws the case out, only to have it advance to a higher court. Tony engages the Christian establishment’s most prominent prosecutor Wajdi Wehbe (Camille Salamé) for the case, while the young lawyer Nadine (Diamond Abou Abboud), who sympathizes with the plight of the nation’s refugees, takes on Yasser’s defense.

A media circus quickly begins to grow around the high-profile case, which exacerbates the already-high tensions between the Muslim and Christian groups in Lebanon’s Arab community. Inside the courtroom, the trial begins to move past the specifics of the case as the lawyers begin investigating the opponents’ private lives and backgrounds. Meanwhile, outside the courtroom, Tony and Yasser struggle with their personal lives and obligations—Tony with his wife Shirine (Rita Hayek) and Yasser with his own, Manal (Christine Choueiri)—as they begin to realize that their skirmish has grown far beyond a matter of pride.

About Eric Neveux:

Determined to become a musician from a young age, Eric Neveux was 25 when he first met director François Ozon (SWIMMING POOL, 8 WOMEN …), Ozon had just graduated from the FEMIS Film School. Shortly after this meeting Eric composed the score for his first medium-length film SEE THE SEA followed by his first feature film SITCOM. At the same time, Eric Neveux had become fascinated by the music originating from Bristol (the Downtempo scene) and it was under the name Mr Neveux that he released his first cinematic sounding album, TUBA, with the British label Cup of Tea Records.

1997: his first collaboration with Patrice Chéreau on his film THOSE WHO LOVE ME CAN TAKE THE TRAIN – 1997 Cannes Film Festival Official Selection – was decisive. It was the start of a long collaboration with the director, with whom he reunited for the film INTIMACY – 2001 Berlin Film Festival Golden Bear award – and then with the film PERSECUTION – 2009 Venice Mostra. This confirmed Eric Neveux’s place in film music.

2017: Eric Neveux has composed original music for 60 feature films, as well as a number of scores for TV films and series. Following his work with François Ozon and Patrice Chéreau, he continues to favour independent films that are both original and demanding. Eric Neveux has completed original scores for several films by director Rachid Bouchareb, including the first two parts of his American trilogy, JUST LIKE A WOMAN (2013) with Sienna Miller and Golshifteh Farahani, TWO MEN IN TOWN (2014) with Forest Whitaker and Harvey Keitel, and ROAD TO ISTANBUL (2016), both of which were chosen for the Berlin Film Festival’s official selection. Eric’s passion for independent film is further illustrated by his work on such titles as LA VIE DOMESTIQUE by Isabelle Czajka, STANDING TALL (LA TÊTE HAUTE) by Emmanuelle Bercot (2015 Cannes Film Festival’s opening Film) and THE ATTACK (2013) and THE INSULT (2017) by Ziad Doueiri, nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2018 90th Academy Awards.


1. Shirine
2. A Burden
3. My Family
4. Escalade
5. Spiral
6. The Streets of Beyrouth
7. Reconciliation
8. The News
9. Damour
10. The Verdict

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