(November 6, 2017– Los Angeles, CA) – Varèse Sarabande Records is proud to announce three album releases in conjunction with Record Store Day’s Black Friday 2017 on November 24th: THE FORBIDDEN ZONE – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack composed by Danny Elfman and The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo (available on translucent lime green vinyl), ELECTRONIC MEDITATION by Tangerine Dream, and MR. SPOCK’S MUSIC FROM OUTER SPACE by Leonard Nimoy.

The cult classic film THE FORBIDDEN ZONE was the first to be scored by the now legendary composer, Danny Elfman, and was also the first major recording for Oingo Boingo (then known as The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo). The soundtrack perfectly captures the band’s transition from a cabaret-style group of performers to the influential new wave band they would become. Long out-of-print, this album is being released for the first time on translucent lime green vinyl.

ELECTRONIC MEDITATION is the debut album by German electronic music group Tangerine Dream, originally released June of 1970. It is the only Tangerine Dream album to feature the line-up of Edgar Froese, Klaus Schulze and Conrad Schnitzler. With Edgar releasing a new Tangerine Dream album this fall, there is no better time to explore the band’s catalog, starting with this gem. The LP will come in a replica of the original gatefold jacket.

Leonard Nimoy’s, “Spock” was unquestionably the most popular character on the original Star Trek series. The first in a series of album releases, MR. SPOCK’S MUSIC FROM OUTER SPACE, is a cult classic favorite and was Nimoy’s best seller. This entertaining and campy album is a piece of mondo bizzaro that has long been out-of-print on vinyl and is a must-have for all the Star Trek aficionados.

The Record Store Day Black Friday 2017 LP releases of THE FORBIDDEN ZONE: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Tangerine Dream’s ELECTRONIC MEDIATION, and Leonard Nimoy’sMR. SPOCK’S MUSIC FROM OUTER SPACE from Varèse Sarabande Records will be available from participating record stores on November 24, 2017.  For a list of participating stores please visit Venues.

THE FORBIDDEN ZONE – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Danny Elfman and The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo

Side One:
1. Forbidden Zone 2:52
2. Hercules” Family Theme 1:50
3. Some of These Days 2:55
4. Journey Through The Intestines 0:55
5. Squeezit’s Vision Of His “Sister” 0:35
6. Queen’s Revenge 2:32
7. Factory 1:00
8. Love Theme – Squeezit And The Chickens 0:44
9. Flash And Gramps 0:58
10. Squeezit The Moocher (Minnie The Moocher) 4:51

Side Two:
1. Alphabet Song 2:01
2. Cell 63 1:21
3. Witch’s Egg 2:23
4. Yiddishe Charleston 1:33
5. Bim Bam Boom 1:54
6. Chamber Music 2:01
7. Pleure 0:39
8. Battle Of The Queens 3:07
9. Love Theme – King And Queen 1:14
10. Finale 3:25

Side One:
1. Genesis
2. Journey Through A Burning Brain

Side Two:
1. Cold Smoke
2. Ashes To Ashes
3. Resurrection

Side One:
1. Theme From Star Trek Performed by Charles Grean
2. Alien
3. Where Is Love
4. Music To Watch Space Girls By Performed by Charles Grean
5. Beyond Antares Performed by Charles Grean
6. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Earth

Side Two:
1. Mission Impossible
2. Lost In The Stars
3. Where No Man Has Gone Before Performed by Charles Grean
4. You Are Not Alone
5. A Visit To A Sad Planet

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