A Monster Calls – Fernando Velazquez (Backlot 663)
Beverly Hills CopHarold Faltermeyer (La La Land LLLCD 1406)
Beverly Hills Cop II – Harold Faltermeyer (La La Land LLLCD 1407)
The French Connection Collection (2CD) – Don Ellis, Brad Fiedel  (La La Land LLLCD 1408)
Jurassic Park Collection (4CD) – John Williams (La La Land LLLCD 1409)
Star Trek 50th Anniversary Collection (4CD) – Dennis McCarthy, Alexander Courage, etc (La La Land LLLCD 1410)
The Boy & The Lion – Stelvio Cipriani (Kronos KRONCD075)
KM31 – Carles Cases (Kronos KRONCD074)
Ripley’s Game (Reissue, Limited repressing)-  Ennio Morricone (Kronos KRONCD070)
Welts (Pregi) – Adrian Konarski (Caldera C6016)

Source: Intrada

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