Available Digitally on November 25th
Music by Composer Ian Arber

With exclusive access to six time Olympic gold medal winning athlete, Usain Bolt and his inner circle, and with previously unseen footage, this film tells the highs and lows of his real journey – the work and the dedication, the inspiring astounding unique and true story of the fastest man on Earth.

Ian Arber is a film and television composer known for his work on British coming-of-age drama Scott and Sid, horror feature Reunion and more recently feature-documentary I Am Bolt. With a growing portfolio of work across a variety of genres, he is bringing a fresh and unique compositional style to each project.

Fresh from his work assisting Joe Kraemer on Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, Ian is an emerging talent in the film music world. He played a crucial role on one of 2015’s biggest blockbusters, working with Joe throughout the writing process and during the recording of the score at Abbey Road Studios in London. Since then, Ian has been increasingly in demand as a growing number of key individuals in the industry recognise his professionalism and talent. In early 2017, Ian will score BBC2’s much anticipated comedy-drama Quacks, starring Rory Kenner (Skyfall, Imitation Game) and Rupert Everett (Shrek, My Best Friend’s Wedding). Ian is a classically trained cello and piano player with a reputation for pushing boundaries by experimenting with these, as well as other rare and exotic instruments. He is not only known for using his cello for melodic phrases throughout his scores, but also for creating unique, intricate percussive and atmospheric elements.

His passion in music started at a very early age, studying cello at five years old and then the piano at ten. He was eventually presented with the highest award for both instruments in his teens. Music quickly became an integral part of his life. At the age of 14, Ian took up the bass guitar, followed by electric and acoustic guitar, while performing in orchestras and producing music for rock and jazz bands. It was at this stage that he began experimenting with composition and discovered his true passion. Deciding to focus all his efforts on this, Ian subsequently studied music composition and production at the University of Kent, in England.

To date, Ian has worked with some of the world’s top production companies including the Universal, Lionsgate, BBC, Channel 4 and NBC, as well as directors and producers from all over the world.


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