Featuring Original Music by Patrick Watson

(August 25, 2016 – Los Angeles, CA) – Varèse Sarabande will release THE 9TH LIFE OF LOUIS DRAX – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack out both digitally and on CD September 2, 2016. The album features the original music composed by Canadian singer-songwriter Patrick Watson. Compared to Andrew Bird, Nick Drake, Jeff Buckley and Pink Floyd for his experimental musicianship, Patrick’s music is blend of cabaret pop and classical music with indie rock influences. His album Close to Paradise was awarded the Polaris Music Prize in 2007.

“The director was a fan of my albums and contacted me to ask if I would do the score. I believe he needed music that was able to help support the dream states in the film,” Watson stated. “The feeling of having chosen the musical direction together with the director helps to keep me on the same page for the rest of the score [especially] when scoring the opening credits first. It had a lot of the tones from the film in it which allowed me to really sink my teeth into the heart of the film in one shot.”

THE 9TH LIFE OF LOUIS DRAX tells the story of a young boy. After surviving eight near-death accidents throughout his unlucky life, Louis Drax (Aiden Longworth) plunges off a steep cliff on his ninth birthday. While police investigate the cause of Louis’ near-fatal fall and the whereabouts of his violent father Peter (Aaron Paul), acclaimed neurologist Dr. Allan Pascal (Jamie Dornan) uses unorthodox techniques to try to tap into the boy’s unconscious mind and reveal the truth about the events that led to his condition. But as he’s drawn deeper and deeper into the mystery of Louis’ seeming ability to cheat death, the doctor finds himself falling for Louis’ mother, Natalie (Sarah Gadon). As new clues emerge in the case, a shocking revelation changes the fates of Louis Drax and everyone around him.

Now a decade into his career as a recording artist and performer, Patrick Watson has a number of achievements under his belt. He has played sold out festivals around the world to immense audiences, performed with full symphonic orchestras in Europe and Canada, composed several feature film scores, and most recently performed two songs in Wim Wenders 3D epic Everything Will Be Fine.

2015 saw the release of Patrick Watson’s 5th album Love Songs For Robots. Watson first galvanized this “temporary project” in 2006 with the Polaris Prize winning debut Close to Paradise. This release loudly announced his presence on the Canadian and international music scene. He cemented this in 2009 when his album Wooden Arms was again nominated for the Polaris Prize. Signatures like his hushed falsetto croon remain as the vessels that transport his vast emotional depths, but Love Songs For Robots proudly shows Watson sailing out into uncharted waters once again.

Lionsgate Media presents THE 9TH LIFE OF LOUIS DRAX, debuting in theaters worldwide the same day Varèse Sarabande will release THE 9TH LIFE OF LOUIS DRAX – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack both digitally and on CD September 2, 2016.