Digitally on June 17th
With Original Score by Raney Shockne and Songs Performed by Skyler Felix, and the film’s Shane Dawson and Wendy McColm

Follow the hilarious journey of five YouTube celebrities on their way to a nationally televised talent competition. Meet Tomas Butterman and his “partner” Hank (Shane Dawson & Christian Delgrosso) known for parodies of popular music videos; Amber Day (Amanda Cerny) the YouTube “comedian” popular due to her voluptuous figure; Dale Hand (Steve Greene), a YouTube father who likes to stage elaborate pranks to scare his baby daughter, Lucy; Veronica Decker (Wendy McColm), a struggling actress famous for the viral video she would like to forget; Dennis Wasserman (Richard Ryan) a “filmmaker” known for videos starring his cat, Mr. Blankets. Only one will be chosen as “Web Star of the Year” and go on to further fame and fortune. The question is, do any of them have any actual talent?


01. I Am Everything – Shane Dawson
02. Wobbly Walk Remix – Wendy McColm
03. Death From Above (Mr. Blankets Theme) – Raney Shockne
04. Wobbly Walk Piano Suite – Raney Shockne
05. Chris! Show Theme – Raney Shockne
06. Webstar of The Year – Raney Shockne
07. Big Announcement – Raney Shockne
08. Introducing the Judges – Raney Shockne
09. Timers – Raney Shockne
10. Passing Judgement – Raney Shockne
11. Passing Judgement Too – Raney Shockne
12. The Big Decision – Raney Shockne
13. Hot Credits Jam – Skyler Felix
14. Harvest Moons – Raney Shockne
15. Chocolate Go Max – Internet Famous Ensemble

ABOUT Raney Shockne
Raney Shockne is an award winning American composer based in Los Angeles whose score and songwriting collaborations have appeared in over 30 films and 100 televisions shows to date.

Shockne has written and produced songs for Giorgio Moroder, Foxes, Matthew Koma, and Britney Spears, where his remake of Toms Diner reached #1 on the American Billboard Dance Charts.

Shockne is the composer of FX hit series ‘Anger Management’ starring Charlie Sheen, ‘The To Do List’ starring Andy Samberg and Bill Hader, and served as music producer on ‘The Backup Plan’ starring Jennifer Lopez, “One for the Money” and “Fame” where his remake of the title song reached the American and UK billboard top 100.

Shockne’s current projects include ‘Queen of the South’ for USA network (premiering 6/23), ‘Tomboy’ (starring Michelle Rodriguez and Sigourney Weaver), and ‘Kevin Can Wait’ (premiering this fall on CBS).


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