Featuring Original Music By Aaron Zigman
With the Debut Track “Love You With A Bang” by Maty Noyes

(April 5, 2016 – Los Angeles, CA) – Lakeshore Records will release MR. RIGHT – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally on April 8th and on CD shortly thereafter. The album features the original score by Aaron Zigman (THE NOTEBOOK, SEX AND THE CITY), and the original track “Love You With a Bang” by Lava/Republic recording artist Maty Noyes, first introduced to audiences on the Weeknd’s track “Angel.” Her song “Haunted” appeared in the 2015 film/soundtrack THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES.

“It was a pleasure doing this film with Paco [Cabezas, director] because he had such original ideas, and because he made a film that was atypical of its genre,” said Zigman. “When I first saw MR. RIGHT, I felt Paco was making not just a romantic comedy, but a comedy with action in it. His concept for this film, and everything else he brought to the table, were absolutely something I had never seen before in a romantic comedy.”

MR. RIGHT tells a story about a hyperactive Martha (Anna Kendrick) who has gone full-on manic since her latest breakup. She babbles, parties like a monster, cooks everything in sight – and is looking to do something terrible when she meets Francis (Sam Rockwell). To anyone else, Francis’s approach would come across as creepy, but Martha can’t help but be intrigued. They seem a perfect match: she’s bananas, he’s bananas…except he’s a professional assassin. Just as Martha begins to realize her new beau wasn’t joking when he said he had to step out for a moment to shoot someone, things start heating up for Francis. His services are solicited by a dubious client who’s being sought by an equally dubious FBI agent (Tim Roth). As the bodies pile up, Martha needs to decide whether to flee or join in the mayhem.

“Paco had expressed the importance of the action world in this film, so that’s precisely where I began,” Zigman explained. To achieve this, Zigman used his own palette of electronic pulses, which he and his team created for the film, augmented with orchestral elements. “In this film the action was, in a sense, what brought these two characters together—it created this underlying, superhuman energy that bonded them together, though it was ultimately Mr. Right who was able to successfully help his counterpart, Martha, discover her own sense of self-empowerment.”

For the more romantic parts of the film, Zigman used organic instruments, “including ukulele and interesting, imaging-type guitars, as well as a rhythm section in which the guitars often carried the melody in order to make things a bit more hip and modern,” he described. “I basically approached it as if it were a track coming from a modern-day pop record featuring a melodic, but groove-heavy tune sitting on top of a track with pulse and rhythm.”

Aaron Zigman began his professional career working with renowned cousin, George Bassman, a distinguished composer at MGM who orchestrated for THE WIZARD OF OZ. His passion for orchestration led him to compose concert works including “Impressions” and a tone poem divided into 5 movements performed by the Los Angeles Jewish Symphony. He has orchestrated for feature films including MULAN and LICENSED TO KILL. In an effort to land his first film scoring job, Zigman personally hired a 55 piece orchestra to perform his extravagant six-minute opening montage which he submitted as a demo for the score of John Cassavetes’ JOHN Q. He was brought on as the composer which opened up a world of opportunities and a long collaborative relationship with the director, including THE NOTEBOOK.

With a classical musical background and an early career as a session musician and songwriter, Aaron Zigman brings a unique blend to modern film composing. With over 50 credits to his name, Zigman’s vast array of work includes the romantic Nicholas Sparks novel adaptation THE NOTEBOOK, the SEX AND THE CITY films based on the hit HBO series, and the inspirational drama AKEELAH AND THE BEE. Zigman has scored numerous Tyler Perry films, from the comedy MADEA’S WITNESS PROTECTION to the drama FOR COLORED GIRLS for which Zigman wrote an opera which he conducts onscreen in the film. His instrumental ballad “Steve’s Song,” from his score for THE LAST SONG, debuted at number one on the Billboard soundtrack charts. Zigman has received an Emmy award and numerous BMI Film & TV Music Awards.

MR. RIGHT (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – Tracklisting

01. Love You With A Bang – Maty Noyes
02. Jesu Joy – Apollo
03. I’m A T-Rex – Aaron Zigman
04. A Work in Progress – Aaron Zigman
05. Hopper – Aaron Zigman
06. The First Kiss – Aaron Zigman
07. Stay the Night – Aaron Zigman
08. Restaurant Date – Aaron Zigman
09. Knife Fight – Aaron Zigman
10. The Jersey Goons – Aaron Zigman
11. The Sweeping Current – Aaron Zigman
12. I’m Not a Bad Person – Aaron Zigman
13. Martha’s Confusion – Aaron Zigman
14. Elmer Fudd Shotgun – Aaron Zigman
15. Martha Is In – Aaron Zigman
16. Poolside Shootout – Aaron Zigman
17. Hopper Arrives – Aaron Zigman
18. Richie’s Lecture – Aaron Zigman
19. Martha Feeling Motivated – Aaron Zigman
20. Mr. Right Makes an Entrance – Aaron Zigman
21. Brother Drama – Aaron Zigman
22. Bruce Battle – Aaron Zigman
23. Martha Found – Aaron Zigman
24. The Final Fights – Aaron Zigman
25. The T-Rex Roars – Aaron Zigman
26. You Got Boring, Hopper – Aaron Zigman
27. I Missed You – Aaron Zigman

Focus World presents MR. RIGHT in theaters on April 8, 2016. Lakeshore Records will release MR. RIGHT – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally on April 8th and on CD shortly thereafter.


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