Featuring Original Music By Kreng

(April 4, 2016 – Los Angeles, CA) – Lakeshore Records will release the CAMINO – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally on April 8th and on CD May 6, 2016. The album features the film’s original score by Kreng (COOTIES). CAMINO was directed by Josh Waller, who was the producer of COOTIES.

“Working with Josh Waller (director) is always a wild ride!” said Kreng (they previously worked together on COOTIES). “Josh is pretty familiar with my work as a recording artist and he suggested that I would use the tonal palate from my first album ‘L’Autopsie Phenomenale De Dieu’. That album was a mixture of analogue electronics, strings, piano, percussion and a lot of reeds. I just took it from there, not knowing what I would end up with…”

A photojournalist gets more than she bargained for when she snaps a photo of a shadowy religious figure in the jungles of Colombia, triggering a flight-and fight-for her life…

“It was very clear from the beginning that the movie needed an analog sound,” Kreng described. “Every time we brought in digital sounds it just did not merge with the rawness of the jungle. We put together almost two hours of music in six weeks and all of it analog!”

Pepijn Caudron (aka Kreng) was raised in Belgium by a musical family. His mother played violin and his father played guitar. When he was twelve he followed their lead and began singing and drumming in several local bands, some touring the Belgian club circuit extensively a few years later. By fifteen he started experimenting with 4-track recorders and sampling. A growing interest in 20th century classical music gradually infused his work with a more theatrical feel. Kreng entered the Kunsthumaniora Brussels (an art school for aspiring actors and dancers) in 1992 and graduated cum laude. From that time until 2004 he worked primarily as an actor in theater, film and television.

After attending a performance by the Belgian surrealist horror-theatre company Abattoir Fermé, Kreng approached artistic director Stef Lernous and was hired to score their next performance. Since 2004, Kreng and Abattoir Fermé have collaborated on more than thirty plays, most of which feature little or no dialogue allowing the music to become an extra character that drives the narrative. By 2014, he has more than fifty stage performance soundtrack credits to his name.

Kreng’s peculiar world of sound also drew attention from the Norwegian record label Miasmah which approached him to release music from his soundtracks for theatre. This resulted in the critically acclaimed album L’Autopsie Phénoménale de Dieu (2009), Grimoire (2011), and the lavishly designed retrospective compilation box Works For Abattoir Fermé 2007-2011 (2012). In 2013 the 7″ vinyl … And Then in The Morning was released by the Berlin-based label Sonic Pieces. The Summoner (2015), his most personal record to date, was created around the Kübler-Ross model of the five stages of grief. After more than a decade of stage related work, Kreng returned to his lifelong passion for film soundtracks and was introduced to international audiences with the 2014 film COOTIES.

“We really wanted the first 20 minutes of the film to feel like a well-made documentary about Avery Taggart and her life as a photographer,” Kreng described. “And then: BOOM, this awful scene comes along and the movie just turns itself inside out. What I tried to convey in that key scene was a choking sense of claustrophobia. From that point on there is no way back for Avery, she is trapped in the jungle and there is no way out.”

XLrator Media and Bleiberg Entertainment present CAMINO, currently available on VOD and DVD. Lakeshore Records will release the CAMINO – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally on April 8th and on CD May 6, 2016.



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