Composer Profile: Jeremy Nathan Tisser

jeremyJeremy Nathan Tisser is a young, talented composer for film, television and multimedia projects that represents the new wave of artists coming up, that are now facing the realities of this competitive career field. In only a few short years since finishing his studies first at Cal State Northridge, then at the USC Film Scoring Program, Jeremy has already earned five Global Music Awards and one Hollywood Music in Media Award (HMMAs) with two more HMMA nominations this year.

If it wasn’t for the keen observations of his mother, composer Jeremy Nathan Tisser might not have made the transition from piano to percussion.  Like many parents, she initially put Jeremy into piano lessons.  She noticed that he was a hyper kid who loved to tap on everything – so she arranged for Jeremy to switch into drumming. Jeremy found his passion as a drummer, first studying rock – then moving into jazz and funk. The switch in musical studies served Jeremy well.  He continued his studies at Cal State Northridge as a music business major.  Another switch – this time into the film score program – led Jeremy to where he found his calling.

Tisser was hired for his first feature film while at USC – the horror film MISCHIEF NIGHT, which featured Malcolm McDowell. Further connections from USC brought him into the mobile game and virtual reality world, first working on a virtual reality attraction “Shayd” with Palmer Luckey (Oculus) and later with Project Holodeck (now called Survios). Tisser’s credits also include the short film VALIANT starring Gil Darnell (BONES, REIGN) and Navid Negahban (HOMELAND), which earned him multiple awards at several international film festivals, the television series COMPOSERS ON COMPOSING, and the mobile game EPIC CAT RUNNER.

Jeremy was lucky to have many mentors throughout his career.  While in Northridge, he interned with Assaf Rinde working on film and video game projects.  It was there that he really cut his teeth learning about technology and the process of scoring. At USC, he worked for a number of composers, including Mark Watters, Frederik Wiedmann, and Inon Zur, while simultaneously building his own studio.

His upcoming film projects include ACTOR FOR HIRE starring Jesse Boyd (THE WALKING DEAD), Jesse O’Neil (TED 2) and Najee DeTiege (POWER RANGERS SAMURAI), which will be released on VOD in January.  The score features a jazz quartet along with a new song co-written by Tisser, performed by TJ Wilkins from The Voice.


Visit for his latest news and more.


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