See No EvilElmer Bernstein (Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 293)

Themes From General Electric Theater – Elmer Bernstein (Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 292)

Switchback (Reissue)Basil Poledouris (Intrada MAF 7138)

Mister Moses (Re-recording conducted by Nic Raine) – John Barry (Prometheus XPCD 176)

The Knick – Cliff Martinez (Milan 36704)

Mary Poppins (Legacy Collection 3CD)Richard M. Sherman & Robert B. Sherman (Disney 2036292)

U-Boats: The Wolfpack – Christopher Young (BSXCD 8950)

Eye For An EyeJames Newton Howard (La La Land LLLCD 1324)

Field Of Lost Shoes – Frederik Wiedmann (La La Land LLLCD 1323)

King David (2CD) – Carl Davis (Quartet QR159)

Terms Of Endearment (2CD)Michael Gore (Quartet QR143)

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