(September 15, 2014– Los Angeles, CA) – Composer Elia Cmiral (WICKED BLOOD, ATLAS SHRUGGED PART 1) is proud to announce the release of the ATLAS SHRUGGED: WHO IS JOHN GALT? – Motion Picture Soundtrack. Cmiral previously composed the first film of the trilogy, based on the renowned and influential novel ATLAS SHRUGGED, by Ayn Rand.

“I was thrilled when I received the phone call in April of 2014 from producers John Aglialoro and Harmon Kaslow, asking me to write music for the final part of the ATLAS SHRUGGED trilogy,” said Cmiral. “When we met a few days later, it felt like coming back home. I was overwhelmed by John and Harmon’s enthusiasm as they recalled the work that I did on ATLAS SHRUGGED PART 1 and explained their expectations for the score of ATLAS SHRUGGED PART 3.”

“[Elia’s] passion and respect for ATLAS SHRUGGED made him the ideal composer, and he’s delivered a spectacular and memorable score. Each song reflects Elia’s creativity and commitment, and he deserves recognition and acknowledgment for his talent and hard work. Elia is the music hero of the ATLAS SHRUGGED movie trilogy for which we will forever hold his name in the highest esteem,” said Kaslow and Aglialoro.

Born in Czechoslovakia, Elia Cmiral attended USC’s Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television program. Soon after graduating, Cmiral scored his first American feature, APARTMENT ZERO, starring Colin Firth. Over the next decade, Elia continued building a reputation for himself in Sweden and in America. His musical style combines contemporary electronics with modern orchestra, joining cutting edge technology and production with evocative and haunting melodic themes. Elia scored the first season of Don Johnson’s TV series NASH BRIDGES In 1998, Elia scored his first studio feature, John Frankenheimer’s suspense thriller RONIN, which earned him the Movieline Young Hollywood Award for Best Soundtrack of 1998.

To date, Elia has written nearly forty scores for independent films, TV and major studios including STIGMATA, WRONG TURN, JOURNEY TO THE END OF THE NIGHT and the PULSE trilogy. Cmiral’s scores for THE DEATHS OF IAN STONE, produced by Stan Winston and Brian Gilbert, and TOOTH AND NAIL, were featured in the 2008 After Dark Horrorfest. His score for SPLINTER, a cutting-edge horror film directed by Toby Wilkins, received the Best Score award at the Screamfest ’08 film festival in Los Angeles.

Elia continued with scores for the thrillers FORGET ME NOT and THE KILLING JAR. He then worked with Czech director Juraj Herz on a score for the German-produced film HABERMANN, a WWII drama based on a true story, which won the top prize at the 7th “Jewish Eye” Film Festival in Ashkelon, Israel. Other projects included LOST BOYS 3, a rock score for the video game SPEC OPS: THE LINE, ATLAS SHRUGGED PART 1, based on the Ayn Rand novel, the score for writer/director W. Peter Iliff’s RITES OF PASSAGE, and PIRANHA 3DD, produced by Weinstein Company and Dimension. Cmiral’s recent projects include WICKED BLOOD.

The third and final film of the ATLAS SHRUGGED trilogy begins after 12 years of suffering mysterious disappearances of society’s most-productive, the nation’s economy is on the verge of collapse. In response, the government pursues policies imposing even greater brutality against those remaining.

“At the time that I came on board, the editing of the movie was still in progress, so I had time to revisit thematic material from Part 1 as well as opportunities to discuss the new musical approach for Part 3 with producers,” explained Cmiral. “We wanted to connect the first part and the last part of the trilogy to create a sense of continuity throughout the whole story, true to Ayn Rand’s timeless novel.”

“Elia gave us new creations as well as derivations of some of his music from Part I,” said Kaslow and Aglialoro. “Elia found ways to integrate the John Galt Theme into some of his songs, which excellently ties the trilogy together.”

“I feel fortunate to have been the composer for a rare project, in which I could passionately merge musical expression with philosophical concepts,” said Cmiral.

Atlas Productions presents ATLAS SHRUGGED: WHO IS JOHN GALT? currently in theaters. The ATLAS SHRUGGED: WHO IS JOHN GALT? – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is currently available digitally on CD directly from Atlas Productions, and will be available via iTunes and Amazon.com later this month.


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