Soundtrack Review: PUSHER (Orbital)

pusherCDMusic composed by Orbital 
Label: Silva Screen Records
Catalog: SILCD1394
Release Date: October 19, 2012
Rating: ****½

Spaniard Luis Prieto summoned the British duo Paul Hartnoll and Phil Hartnoll (Orbital) to tell Pusher story (originally directed by Nicolas Winding Refn) from a British point of view, and the results are quite surprising to say the least.

Orbital’s take on this story presents the London underground atmosphere and London-boy twang as a recurring motive. They definitely tried some Tangerine Dream every now and then in their acid house on this score, but in the end the contemporary part prevailed anyhow.

Frank (the protagonist) is a complete fool and that needs to be said, he is in too deep in his own nightmarish-dream that starts to collapse, with him drowning that he just cannot see the flagrant signs that showed him to stop. Therefore, it is possible to look at the soundtrack as Frank’s Dream/Drama Collection that will rollercoaster around the streets of London, taking you to very dark, soggy and muddy places.

Light is another very interesting element, due to semiotical aspects, the high spirits scene will always present bright colours and upbeat scene that will start to fade when Frank is not able to sort things out. The bass gets louder, the background gets darker and you see Frank is waking up to find himself in big trouble.

There are some maddening barking themes like “Party Freak” and “Driving and Clubbing”, but the most interesting themes come from the other side of the spectre like “Pusher Theme”, that sends dimmed Blade Runner lights with contemporary beats. “Turkish Tension” sorts out the synthesis between action and drama films, setting the score right in the middle leaving it all for you to guess what is actually going on on the scene.

Orbital made it work and quite superbly indeed, traced their steps back to what could be improved from the first years of their career and pushed themselves (no pun intended!) forward to embrace the clubber scene mixed with a drug-dealer spiralling and tumbling down. Even if you are not that interested in watching this kind of film, it is nice to kick back and see how the whole process unravels.

Track Listing:

1. Pusher Theme
2. Pay Me The Money
3. Driving And Clubbing
4. Turkish Tension
5. Bridge Deal
6. Cutting And Doing
7. Chase
8. Cell
9. Frank Mirror
10. Haken Bar
11. Serious Pet Shop
12. VIP
13. Heroin Bath
14. Pet Shop Suicide
15. Frank Car Freak
16. Kiss
17. Coffee Kneecaps
18. Cab To Danaka’s
19. Safe Kitchen
20. Party Freak
21. Post Nipple
22. Go With The Flo
23. Guns And Party (Bonus Track)
24. Higher (Lloyd Perrin)
25. The Music (Instrumental Version, Marcus Marr)
26. Beat And The Pulse (Still Going Remix, Austra)

Total Time: 74:35

Atila Almeida

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