Soundtrack Review: BLADE RUNNER – 30th Anniversary Celebration (Vangelis)

blade_runner_BSXCDMusic composed by Vangelis
Label: BuySoundtrax Records
Catalog: BSXCD-8917
Release Date: September 19, 2012
Rating: ****

At the time of its release, Vangelis’ Blade Runner Score was filled with mystic romanticness, a sense of longing for home, sadness, unfairness, justice by its own hands and inequality. Deckard’s sense of duty is mainly overshadowed by his own doubts towards the Replicants, issue so Vangelis had to come up with themes that sounded dubious and had overlaying strings creating the sense of a “semi-polyrhythmical” track and consequently an unconscious idea that something else was going on on the screen.

For those into music’s technical aspects, that is a must have album, even if not a Blade Runner fan but to compare the original with the reverse engineering process album. On the other hand do not expect something entirely different because as the liner notes say: The goal was never make a soundtrack based on the Vangelis original but re-record it again to make it sound exactly like the above mentioned score.

But do not hold your breath, there is not much to look for in this edition though, there will be times that you will recognise the themes but will realise they sound slightly different and that will be pretty much it. Rothermich’s job in terms of reverse engineering is remarkable, he made a record in 2012 sound as much as possible to a released in 1982. Furthermore, he was able to understand what could be taken as a “glitch” essentially and Vangelis intention to make it sound exactly like that, even though Rothermich says he could not tell one from the other.

Essentially, this record is made for musicians who know their ways into the synthesisers and also know the original score, so Rothermich’s technical skills can sweep their feet into some straight to oblivion and lysergic trip. A great job, the album has reached fulfilled its purpose.

Track Listing:

1. Ladd Company Logo (John Williams)
2. Main Titles (Film Version)/ Prologue
3. Los Angeles, November 2019
4. Deckard Meets Rachael
5. Bicycle Raiders (Pompeii 76 A.D.) (Gail Laughton)
6. Memories Of Green
7. Blade Runner Blues
8. Deckard’s Dream
9. On the Trail of Nexus 6 (Tales of the Future)
10. One More Kiss Dear (Vangelis, Peter Skellern)
11. Love Theme
12. The Prodigal Son Brings Death
13. Dangerous Days
14. Wounded Animals
15. Tears in Rain
16. End Titles
17. Bonus Track: Main Titles (Album Version)

Total Time: 71:51

Atila Almeida

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