Soundtrack Review: THE FOG – EXPANDED (John Carpenter)

thefogCDMusic composed by John Carpenter
Label: Silva Screen Records
Catalog: SILCD 1301
Release Date: October 16, 2012
Rating: **½

John Carpenter is quite unique because he writes, directs, produces and scores his own films, but ticking all the boxes might make the New York-born director sound too repetitive, especially because he tends to make thriller/horror films. If the reader feels uncomfortable with the word “repetitive”, perhaps “minimalistic with ambience” would be more suitable.

Detached from the film, the Fog‘s score tends to be quite overwhelmingly grey making the most sunny day look glooming. That would be the point due to the self-explanatory title, but listening to it closely and deeper, the whole glooming turns to dull and the momentum is quite lost. The synths are good, the pianos could be taken from a Phillip Glass‘ 1983 album but the effects/percussion are definitely cheesy and do not match up the quality mentioned previously.

Looking back, even though is a classic, the score sounds dated but it works and it reaches its goal to move the viewer through the misty film. Do not be surprised if you fall asleep though. If you are a fan and have always wanted to get more from the score, that is your chance, there are 20 minutes more completely new.

Perhaps Carpenter in the future could lay more of his work as a composer to fellows like David Julyan, who are pretty aware of what a mystery/horror/thriller film requires and Carpenter’s films would not have the impression of a b-movie quality. At least not in terms of score..

Track Listing:

Disc 1

1. Prologue From The Fog
2. Theme From The Fog
3. Matthew Ghost Story
4. Walk To The Lighthouse
5. Rocks At Drake’s Bay
6. The Fog
7. Antonio Bay
8. Tommy Tells Of Ghost Ship
9. Reel 9
10. Main Theme – Reprise
11. The Fogs Rolls In
12. Blake In The Sanctuary
13. Finale
14. Radio Interview With Jamie Lee Curtis

Disc 2

1. Ghost Story
2. The Journal
3. Seagrass Attack
4. Andy On The Beach
5. Where’s The Seagrass?
6. Stevie’s Lighthouse
7. Something To Show You
8. An Evil Plan
9. Weatherman
10. Walk To Lighthouse
11. Dane
12. Morgue
13. The Fog Approaches
14. Knock At The Door
15. Fog Reflection
16. Andy’s In Trouble
17. The Fog Enters Town
18. Revenge
19. Number 6
20. The Fog End Credits

Total Time: 110:00

Atila Almeida

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