(October 28, 2013– Los Angeles, CA) – Varèse Sarabande Records will release the ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT – Original Television Soundtrack digitally and on CD on November 19, 2013.  The album features fan favorite songs and score from the four seasons of the original series, composed by Emmy® nominee David Schwartz (NORTHERN EXPOSURE, DEADWOOD).ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT’s composer David Schwartz selected his songs and score from all four seasons of the show, with a heavy dose of the original madcap songs and its signature ukulele tunes. The soundtrack features exclusive extended versions of several key songs including “Balls In The Air,” “Getaway” and “Shot By Love.” Also included are fan favorites “Big Yellow Joint,” “Fantastic 4 (medley)” and “Motherboy.”  These songs are hand-selected by Schwartz based on fan requests through the years. 

Schwartz earned his third Emmy nomination this past year for season 4 of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, and is a double nominee in the Hollywood Music In Media Awards for the “Arrested Development (Theme)” and “Get Away.”  He attended the School of Visual Arts in New York and the Berklee College of Music in Boston.  David’s first scoring job was the multi Emmy award winning hit, Northern Exposure. It earned him a Grammy nomination for Best Instrumental Composition for its memorable theme song.

Soundtrack Review: PUSHER (Orbital)

pusherCDMusic composed by Orbital 
Label: Silva Screen Records
Catalog: SILCD1394
Release Date: October 19, 2012
Rating: ****½

Spaniard Luis Prieto summoned the British duo Paul Hartnoll and Phil Hartnoll (Orbital) to tell Pusher story (originally directed by Nicolas Winding Refn) from a British point of view, and the results are quite surprising to say the least.

Orbital’s take on this story presents the London underground atmosphere and London-boy twang as a recurring motive. They definitely tried some Tangerine Dream every now and then in their acid house on this score, but in the end the contemporary part prevailed anyhow.

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Ender’s Game – Steve Jablonsky (Varese Sarabande 302 067 227 8)

Fitzwilly – John Williams (Music Box MBR 035)

Grimm – Seasons 1 & 2 – Richard Marvin (La-La Land LLLCD 1278)

Pet Sematary (Expanded) – Elliot Goldenthal (La-La Land LLLCD 1294)

UPCOMING SOUNDTRACK RELEASES – October 29 to December 10

October 29
All Is Lost – Alex Ebert – Community Music
Cocoon – James Horner – Intrada Special Collection
The Hunt for Red October – Basil Poledouris – Intrada Special Collection
Runner Runner – Christophe Beck – Lakeshore

November 5
Last Vegas – Mark Mothersbaugh – Varese Sarabande
Machete Kills – Carl Thiel, Robert Rodriguez – Morada

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(October 22, 2013– Los Angeles, CA) – Decca Records has released the QUEEN OF CARTHAGE – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack via iTunes.  The soundtrack features the original score composed by Brian Byrne (ALBERT NOBBS), who also composed the music for the worldwide production from the producers of RiverdanceHEARTBEAT OF HOME.  In addition to the original score, Byrne wrote the haunting end title track “Waltz With Me Under The Sun,” performed by Kristina Train.  Also featured on the album is “Dido’s Lament,” performed by Danielle DeNiese.

“Kristina Train is probably one of the finest young singers around just now. Although she’s has youth on her side she sounds like a classic soul voice that always was,” said Byrne. “The score is mostly based on the melody for the song ‘Waltz With Me Under the Sun’. That was the first thing I wrote for the film and it just seemed to work as a theme throughout.”  Byrne’s wife Kasey wrote the song’s lyrics.



Black Beauty (Expanded) – Danny Elfman (La-La Land LLLCD 1273)

Buck Rogers – Season One –  Stu Phillips, Johnny Harris, Les BaxterRichard LaSalle (Intrada Special Collection Volume 255, 3 CDs)

Captain Phillips – Henry Jackman (Varese Sarabande 302 067 226 8)

Day Of The Dead – John Harrison (La-La Land LLLCD 1277, 2 CDs)

Doctor Who Series 7 – Murray Gold (Silva 1425, 2 CDs)

House At The End Of The Drive – Alan Howarth (BSXCD 8933)

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UPCOMING SOUNDTRACK RELEASES – October 22 to December 10

October 22
Da Vinci’s Demons – Bear McCreary – Sparks & Shadows
Ender’s Game – Steve Jablonsky – Varese Sarabande
Fruitvale Station – Ludwig Goransson – Lakeshore
Grimm – Richard Marvin -La-La Land
La Mula
 – Oscar Navarro – MovieScore Media/Kronos
The Last House on the Left – David Hess – One Way Static
Lost Place
 – Adrian Sieber – MovieScore Media/Kronos
Pet Sematary – Elliot Goldenthal – La-La Land
Room 237 – Jonathan Snipes, William Hudson – Death Waltz

October 29
All Is Lost – Alex Ebert – Community Music
Runner Runner – Christophe Beck – Lakeshore

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Soundtrack Review: BLADE RUNNER – 30th Anniversary Celebration (Vangelis)

blade_runner_BSXCDMusic composed by Vangelis
Label: BuySoundtrax Records
Catalog: BSXCD-8917
Release Date: September 19, 2012
Rating: ****

At the time of its release, Vangelis’ Blade Runner Score was filled with mystic romanticness, a sense of longing for home, sadness, unfairness, justice by its own hands and inequality. Deckard’s sense of duty is mainly overshadowed by his own doubts towards the Replicants, issue so Vangelis had to come up with themes that sounded dubious and had overlaying strings creating the sense of a “semi-polyrhythmical” track and consequently an unconscious idea that something else was going on on the screen.

For those into music’s technical aspects, that is a must have album, even if not a Blade Runner fan but to compare the original with the reverse engineering process album. On the other hand do not expect something entirely different because as the liner notes say: The goal was never make a soundtrack based on the Vangelis original but re-record it again to make it sound exactly like the above mentioned score.

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