International Film Music Festival of Córdoba Announces Agreement With Berklee College of Music

Collaboration With the World´s Largest Private University of Modern Music To Benefit the Festival’s Composition Workshops for Composers

The International Film Music Festival ‘Provincia de Córdoba’ is partnering with the prestigious Berklee College of Music, the world´s largest private university of contemporary music, alma mater of film composers such as Alan Silvestri, Howard Shore and Quincy Jones, and whose alumni have earned more than 270 Grammys. The Boston-based university has been key in the development of music in recent decades and has close relationship with the film industry.

The signing of this agreement represents an unprecedented support to the Festival of Córdoba by Berklee, whose faculty were especially enthusiastic about the Festival´s teaching opportunities and the audiovisual projection offered. Berklee was founded in 1945, and in recent years has added to its curriculum newer courses such as electronic music, scoring for film, television and video games, attracting thousands of students from across the world and recently opened a campus in Valencia, Spain.

In fact, Berklee College of Music has the highest percentage of foreign students, representing more than 90 countries. The International Film Music Festival ‘Provincia de Córdoba’ plans to put Berklee’s faculty expertise at the service of students of our well-known composition workshops. It will also be key to establish guidelines for the freshman composers participating at our Festival´s Jerry Goldsmith Awards, devoted mainly to acknowledge the work of those musicians who are getting started in the audiovisual field (cinema, television, advertising or other means.

Those interested in knowing more details of the remarkable benefits of this liaison with Berklee can obtain further information on the festival’s website, ‘‘.

In January of 2012 Berklee opened its first international campus outside of Boston, in Valencia, Spain. Adding to its presence in the country will be this partnership with the Festival ‘Provincia de Córdoba’, and initiatives launched from their campus in Valencia, located at the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía.


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