Soundtrack Review: SNITCH (Antonio Pinto)

SnitchCDMusic composed by Antonio Pinto
Label: Lakeshore Records
Catalog:  LKS 343202
Release Date: March 5, 2013
Rating: ****½

Brazilian composer Antonio Pinto is not a newcomer to the film score business, he has worked on projects like Lord of War, Perfect Stranger, Love in the Time of Cholerawhich was nominated for a Golden Globe in the Best Original Song category, Get the Gringo and The Host (2013).

Snitch tells the story of a father played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, whose completely clueless son is caught with a package of narcotics. To save his son from a 10-year jail sentence, he makes a deal to infiltrate a drug cartel. The overall atmosphere is thriller-ish due pretty much to the beats and percussions used which are pretty well mixed and engineered. If one feels like going deeper into the technical analysis should ask oneself who was the sound engineer for the project and what sort of library was used, because the result is simply superb.

There are also some dramatic overtones related entirely to the inspired by true events story. Nonetheless, he delivers his job in a high-paced level mixing strings and a Spanish-alike guitar on “The Ectstasy” that interpolates a cello and an electric guitar. Pinto gave the notion to the listener that there is someone near observing the whole picture using simple mixing tricks, such as fade-in and fade-out. Therefore, there is no actual certainty of being safe in the dark.

The guitars are used in a great extent but not overused; they are simply there to give a more raw approach. Speaking of approach, in terms of guitar use and rawness, Snitch is pretty similar to The Dark Knight score, especially on the use of screeching sounds. Antonio Pinto represents new blood in the soundtrack industry and quality in great extent, I would not be surprised if he wins an Academy Award in a year or two.

Track Listing:

1. The Ecstasy
2. Morning
3. The Bust
4. Minimum Sentence
5. Jail Talk
. Looking for a Con
7. Dan’s Breakfast
8. House Fight
9. Cartel Move
10. Driving Back
11. Baseball Move
12. John to Jail
3. Malik
14. For the Money
15. The Farm
16. Truck Fight
17. Poetic
18. Snitch
19. Guitarra

Total Time: 63:03

Atila Almeida

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