BuySoundtrax To Release 36-Track Collection of Beloved Tracks From This Universe … and Beyond!
(Los Angeles, CA) – BuySoundtrax records blasts off this fall with a collection of the most beloved science fiction themes with SCI FI’S FINEST VOLUME 1.  The 36-song collection features music from film and TV series including STAR TREK, STARGATE, DOCTOR WHO, DUNE, and even the recently released BATTLE: LOS ANGELES.
SCI FI’S FINEST VOLUME 1will be available digitally and on CD on September 13th from http://www.buysoundtrax.com/.
Track Listing
1. THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW Science Fiction Double Feature (Richard O’Brien)
Performed by Victoria DeMare
Produced and Arranged by Dominik Hauser
2. BATTLE: LOS ANGELES Main Theme (Brian Tyler)
3. THE THING Main Theme (Ennio Morricone)
4. DEVIL GIRL FROM MARS Main Theme (Edwin Astley)
Produced, Arranged and Performed by Joohyun Park
5.  THE ILLUSTRATED MAN Theme (Jerry Goldsmith)
Produced, Arranged and Performed by Dominik Hauser
Vocals: Katie Campbell
6. AVATAR I See You (James Horner)
Produced, Arranged and Performed by Joohyun Park 
7.  Theme from THE ADVENTURES OF BUCKAROO BANZAI (Michael Boddicker)
Produced, Arranged and Performed by Joohyun Park 
8.  THE TERMINATOR Main Theme (Brad Fiedel)
Produced, Arranged and Performed by Brandon K. Verrett
9. DUNE Main Title (Toto)
10. COMMUNION End Title (Eric Clapton)
Produced, Arranged and Performed by Steve Bartek

11.  TRON End Title (Wendy Carlos)
12. CAPRICA Theme for Solo Piano (Bear McCreary)
Produced, Arranged and Performed by Mark Northam
13.  EUREKA Eureka On My Mind (Mark Mothersbaugh and John Enroth)
14.  FRINGE 85 (J.J. Abrams)
15. FRINGE Main Theme (J.J. Abrams)
16. FUTURAMA Main Title (Christopher Tyng) 
17. ROBOTECH Main Tiitle (Ulpio Minucci)
18. STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS Main Theme from the TV Series  (John Williams) 
19. STARGATE SG-1 Main Title (David Arnold)
20. STARGATE ATLANTIS Main Title (Joel Goldsmith)
21. STARGATE UNIVERSE End Title (Joel Goldsmith)
22. THE NEW OUTER LIMITS Main Theme (Mark Mancina and John Van Tongeren)
23. THE TWILIGHT ZONE End Title Season 2 (Marius Constant)
24. THE STARLOST Main Theme (Score Productions)
25. MAN FROM ATLANTIS Theme (Fred Karlin)
Produced, Arranged and Performed by Austin Wintory
26. Theme from KNIGHT RIDER (Stu Phillips and Glen A. Larson) 
27. THUNDERBIRDS Main Title March (Barry Gray)
28. UFO Main Theme (Barry Gray)
29. RED DWARF Fun, Fun Fun End Title Song (Howard Goodall)
Produced and Arranged by Dominik Hauser
Performed by Katie Campbell
30. DOCTOR WHO Season 5 Main Title (Ron Grainer, based on the fifth season arrangement by Murray Gold)
31. TORCHWOOD Main Theme (Ben Foster)
Produced, Arranged and Performed by Brandon K. Verrett
32. PRIMEVAL Main Theme (Dominik Scherrer)
33. STAR TREK: THE ANIMATED SERIES: Main Title (Yvette Blais and Norman Prescott)
Composed, Produced, Arranged and Performed by Dennis McCarthy 
35. STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE (Solo Piano Version) – After 3:00 A.M At Quarks
Composed, Produced, Arranged and Performed by Dennis McCarthy
36. STAR TREK ENTERPRISE Where My Heart Will Take Me (Diane Warren)
Produced and Arranged by Dennis McCarthy
Performed by Katie Campbell 

All tracks produced, arranged and performed by Dominik Hauser unless otherwise noted


Soundtrack Features Original Music by Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders

 (August 29, 2011- Los Angeles, CA) – Lakeshore Records will release the Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark — Original Motion Picture Soundtrack available digitally on August 30th and in stores on September 27, 2011 in conjunction with the release of the film by FilmDistrict on August 26thBased on the 1973 telefilm that Guillermo del Toro believes to be the scariest TV production ever made, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark was co-written and co-produced by del Toro and directed by Troy Nixey.  Academy Award-nominated duo Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders (The Hurt Locker) composed the original score. 

The score began with Guillermo del Toro’s request for a lullaby for Sally,” said Beltrami.  “He and Troy Nixey also asked that we take inspiration from not only the original film’s score by Billy Goldenberg but also the classic 60’s and 70’s horror scores of Jerry Goldsmith, Krzysztof Komeda and Bernard Herrmann.  Those were refreshing challenges compared to today’s current horror sound and we decided to do a predominantly orchestral score that would feature woodwinds, 2 harps and vibraphones.”


“Another homage to older horror scores,” added Sanders, “was the use of analog effects processing that was popular in the day.  In working with our recording engineer, John Kurlander, we chose specific instruments to have spot microphones that were later effected with vintage Echoplex tape delay and Leslie speaker swirling.” 

Upon completing undergraduate study at Brown University, Marco Beltrami entered the Yale School of Music. His pursuit of music composition then lead him to Venice for a period of study with the Italian master, Luigi Nono and then finally to Los Angeles to undertake a fellowship with Academy Award-winning composer, Jerry Goldsmith.  

Shortly after arriving in Los Angeles, Marco landed Wes Craven’s Scream embarking on what would become the widely successful terror franchise. In his approach to scoring the film, he threw away conventional horror music clichés.  

After Scream, Marco went on to write his critically acclaimed score for Guillermo del Toro’s Mimic, bringing him to the attention of the entire film music industry. This was the first of several collaborations with del Toro, including Hellboy and now Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. Marco has been nominated twice for Academy Awards for Best Score. First, for 3:10 to Yuma, his score to 2010 groundbreaking Best Picture, The Hurt Locker, which he co-composed with Buck Sanders. 

Sanders became Beltrami’s assistant in 1997.  He began producing and co-composing scores with Beltrami writing additional cues for such films as Max Payne, Blade II and Hellboy.  He earned his first Academy Award nomination for 2010 The Hurt Locker. 

In Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, architect Alex Hurst (Guy Pearce) and his new girlfriend Kim (Katie Holmes) are hard at work restoring the Gothic Blackwood Manor to its original splendor. Alex’s young daughter Sally (Bailee Madison)—neglected by her real mother and brushed aside by the careerist father— is left to investigate the macabre history and dark corners of the estate. Spurring Sally’s investigation are the voices—rasping whispers who call out to her from the basement, who promise her understanding and friendship, who are so very hungry and would like to be set free. When Sally gives in to her curiosity, she opens a gateway into a hellish underworld from which an army of beady-eyed, sharp-clawed monsters emerge, small in size but endless in number: the homunculi. Confronted with the horror that now threatens to taker her life and destroy her family, Sally desperately tries to warn the whole house, but there’s just one problem: no one believes her. Will she make them understand in time, or will they become another chapter in the centuries-long horror story of Blackwood Manor?  

FilmDistrict presents Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark in theaters on August 26, 2011. The Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark Original Motion Picture Soundtrack on Lakeshore Records will be released digitally on August 30th and in stores on September 27, 2011.

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Battlestar Galactica Vol. 2 – Stu Phillips (Intrada Special Collection Volume 178, 2 CDs) – 97:30
The Black Hole – John Barry (Disney / Intrada D001383402) – 55:05
A Certain Smile – Alfred Newman (La-La Land LLLCD 1178, 2 CDs) – 98:48
Spellbinder – Basil Poledouris (La-La Land LLLCD 1177) – 56:13
Villa Rides! The Western Film Music Of Maurice Jarre – Maurice Jarre (Tadlow 014) – 75:55


Adventures Of Casanova – Hugo Friedhofer (Kritzerland KR 20019-7)
Ammazzali Tutti E Torna Solo – Francesco De Masi (Beat CDCR 92) – 56:48
Cowboys & Aliens – Harry Gregson-Williams (Varese Sarabande 302 067 105 2)
Dinamite Jim – Nico Fidenco (GDM 4141)
Final Destination 5 – Brian Tyler (Varese Sarabande 302 067 109 2)
Le Moine (The Monk) – Alberto Iglesias (Quartet QR009)
Maddalena (Expanded) – Ennio Morricone (Saimel 3998929)
Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes – Patrick Doyle (Varese Sarabande 302 067 106 2)
The Ward – Mark Kilian (Varese Sarabande 302 067 110 2)


The Lord of the Rings Symphony: Six Movements for Orchestra & Chorus will be released by Howe Records both in stores and digitally on September 13, 2011 
(August 17 2011—New York, NY)  Howe Records is pleased to announce the release of Howard Shore’s The Lord of the Rings Symphony: Six Movements for Orchestra & Chorus on September 13, 2011.  The album was recorded live in concert in Lucerne Switzerland this past February in partnership with Bavarian Radio who will broadcast the world premiere of the concert in its entirety on September 4, 2011. The Lord of the Rings Symphony: Six Movements for Orchestra & Chorus was performed by the 21st Century Symphony Orchestra & Chorus under the direction of Ludwig Wicki.

The score for The Lord of the Rings film trilogy has been hailed as some of the greatest film music ever written. Sweeping in scope, it is a musical interpretation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth—an operatic tapestry of cultures, histories, languages, and people.

The Lord of the Rings Symphony – a six-movement piece spanning Howard Shores three film scores was created from the nearly 12 hours of music composed by Shore for the film trilogy.  The six movements reflect each of the six books of The Lord of the Rings.

“Maestro Ludwig Wicki personally selected the musicians who comprise The 21st Century Symphony Orchestra and who perform on this recording,” said Shore. “Over the past four years he has perfected this music in Lucerne, Switzerland. His precision and supreme musicianship is evident throughout the recording. I congratulate him on his success and thank him for his masterful approach in bringing this score to life.”

This December marks the 10th anniversary of the release of the first film and soundtrack of the trilogy, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. Shore continued, “J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings is very close to my heart. I have great respect for his writing and share the values he weaves into these stories of courage and honor, friendship and sacrifice. I love the inner aspect of his writing, the detail of the relationships, and his observance of nature.”

In tandem with the release of each of the films, single CD soundtracks of Shore’s music were released. Following the conclusion of the film series, three boxed sets containing the complete recordings from each of the films were also released.  Live-to-projection symphonic concert performances have been performed in many cities worldwide and this fall 10 concerts are scheduled in the United States along the West Coast performed by the Munich Symphony Orchestra, Pacific Chorale, Phoenix Boys Choir and soloist Kaitlyn Lusk all under the baton of Maestro Ludwig Wicki.  In 2010, Carpentier and Alfred Music Publishing released The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films book, written by Doug Adams.


The World Soundtrack Academy has announced the list of its nominees for the 2011 Awards to be presented in three categories: Film Composer of the Year, Best Original Score of the Year and Best Original Song Written Directly for a Film. The names of the winners will be announced at the World Soundtrack Awards & concert on Saturday, October 22, the closing night of the Ghent International Film Festival.

The nominees of the World Soundtrack Awards 2011:

Film Composer of the Year (Award can be presented in respect of one film or in respect of a body of work in the year)

Alexandre DESPLAT
A Better Life, Tamara Drewe, The Burma Conspiracy, The King’s Speech, The Tree of Life, The Well Digger’s Daughter, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Inception, How Do You Know, Megamind, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, The Dilemma, Rango, Kung Fu Panda 2

Black Swan, Faster, Last Night

Mars Needs Moms, Rio, Kung Fu Panda 2

Patrick DOYLE
La Ligne Droite, Thor, Jig

Best Original Film Score of the Year

INCEPTION by Hans Zimmer
THE KING’S SPEECH by Alexandre Desplat
THE SOCIAL NETWORK by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
BLACK SWAN by Clint Mansell
TRUE GRIT by Carter Burwell

Best Original Song written directly for a Film

from “Toy Story 3”
music & lyrics by Randy Newman
performed by Randy Newman

from “Burlesque”
music and lyrics by Diane Warren
performed by Cher

from “Country Strong”
music & lyrics by Bob DiPiero, Tom Douglas, Hillary Lindsey and Troy Verges
performed by Gwyneth Paltrow

from “Tangled”
music by Alan Menken
lyrics by Glenn Slater
performed by Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi

from “127 Hours”
music by A.R. Rahman
lyrics by Dido (Dido Armstrong) and Rollo Armstrong 
performed by Dido & A.R. Rahman

On Saturday, October 22nd at 8:00p.m., Oscar winners Elliot Goldenthal, Howard Shore, and Hans Zimmer will be the distinguished guests at the closing ceremony of the 38th Ghent Film Festival at the Kuipke in Ghent. Following the annual presentation of the prestigious film music awards, the Brussels Philharmonic – the Orchestra of Flanders – will perform a singular selection from the three great masters’ extensive oeuvres conducted by Dirk Brossé. In keeping with tradition, the winner of last year’s World Soundtrack Discovery Award will take the stage during the awards ceremony. Abel Korzeniowski will perform his award-winning music from A Single Man, which also earned him the Public Choice Award in 2010. As always, the live music will be accompanied by striking film footage. The concert is being dedicated in memory of Ronni Chasen, longtime representative and friend of the film festival.

The World Soundtrack Academy was founded in 2001 by the Ghent International Film Festival to celebrate the role of music in film and honor film composers. The WSA Academy now has over 300 international members comprised of composers, film professionals, record label executives and other representatives of the film music business.

At the end of August, the Academy Board will announce the 5 nominees for the category ‘Discovery of the Year 2011’. In addition to the Awards presented by the Academy, film music fans around the world can vote for the best soundtrack of the year (see www.worldsoundtrackacademy.com).


Soundtrack Features Original Music by Cliff Martinez with Songs by Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx, The Chromatics, Desire, College featuring Electric Youth and Riziero Ortolani featuring Katyna Ranieri

 (Los Angeles, CA) – Lakeshore Records will release the Drive — Original Motion Picture Soundtrack available digitally on September 6th and in stores on September 13, 2011 in conjunction with the release of the film by FilmDistrict on September 16th.  The soundtrack features original music by Cliff Martinez (The Lincoln Lawyer, Traffic) with Eurosynth-styled songs by Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx (“Nightcall”), The Chromatics (“Tick of the Clock”), Desire (“Under Your Spell”), College featuring Electric Youth (“A Real Hero”), and Riziero Ortolani featuring Katyna Ranieri (“Oh My Love”).

“One thing that was unique for me about this project was having songs exert such a strong influence on the score,” said Martinez.  “That helped to create a unified, one-size-fits-all, style of soundtrack…the 80s electronic pop style made a lot of sense to me. I knew that Nicolas [Refn, director] was in love with that sound and I saw a way to acknowledge it with vintage synth sounds and cover most of the dramatic food groups while referencing that style.”

This blending of score and song is the perfect vehicle for Cliff Martinez.  Martinez moved to California in 1976, just in time for the punk movement. He had stints as drummer for the Weirdos, Lydia Lunch and Foetus frontman Jim Thirlwell, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Dickies.  He was also the drummer in the final incarnation of legendary iconoclasts Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band.

Martinez’s entrée into music for film happened somewhat inadvertently, when a tape collage he had constructed led to an opportunity to score an episode of comedian Paul Reuben’s mid-‘80s TV hit, Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. That collage was also heard by Steven Soderbergh, who tapped Martinez to provide the music for his first theatrical release Sex, Lies and Videotape.

Martinez has since received compositional credit on many of Steven Soderbergh’s projects including Kafka, The Limey, Solaris, Gray’s Anatomy, Schizopolis, Traffic (which earned four Oscars and earned Martinez a Grammy nomination), and the upcoming film Contagion.  He also composed the music for Espion(s) and A L’Origine, two French films released in 2009–the latter earned a Cesar Award nomination for best original score. His other credits include Pump Up The Volume, Wicker Park, Wonderland, and The Lincoln Lawyer.

In Drive, Ryan Gosling stars as a Los Angeles wheelman for hire, stunt driving for movie productions by day and steering getaway vehicles for criminal operations by night. A loner by nature, Driver can’t help falling in love with his beautiful but vulnerable neighbor Irene (Carey Mulligan), a young mother dragged into a dangerous criminal underworld by the return of ex-convict husband Standard (Oscar Isaac).

After a heist operation, intended to help Standard pay off protection money, spins out of control, Driver finds himself driving defense for the girl he loves, tailgated by a syndicate of deadly serious criminals (Albert Brooks and Ron Perlman). When the gangsters reveal that they’re after more than the bag of money in his trunk—that they’re coming straight for Irene and her son—Driver is forced to shift gears and go on the offense.

Composer Martinez was able to bridge the gray area between music and sound design – with the music becoming an important element of several scenes. “I wasn’t entirely aware of how much the sound department was going to impact the dramatic character of the film but I got a strong whiff of it in early cuts,” said Martinez.   “At the same time Nicolas [Refn] was asking me to create some things that functioned in the same way as music but was not what most people would actually consider music. So I was the meat in the middle of a soundtrack sandwich. My goal was to create a seamless flow between the songs, the score and the sound effects.”

FilmDistrict presents Drive in theaters on September 16, 2011. The Drive – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack on Lakeshore Records will be released digitally on September 6 and in stores on September 13, 2011.

UPCOMING SOUNDTRACK RELEASES – August 16 to September 27

August 16
A Certain Smile – Alfred Newman – La-La Land
Conan the Barbarian – Tyler Bates – Warner Bros.
Cowboys & Aliens
– Harry Gregson-Williams – Varese Sarabande
Dexter: Season 5 – Daniel Licht – Milan
Final Destination 5
– Brian Tyler – Varese Sarabande
Fright Night – Ramin Djawadi – Varese Sarabande
John Carpenter’s The Ward
– Mark Kilian – Varese Sarabande
The Last Circus – Roque Banos – Milan/Amazon [CD-R]
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
– Patrick Doyle – Varese Sarabande
Spellbinder – Basil Poledouris – La-La Land

August 30
Warehouse 13 – Edward Rogers – Milan
Warrior – Mark Isham – Lakeshore

September 6
Drive – Cliff Martinez – Lakeshore
Spy Kids: All The Time in the World – Carl Thiel, Robert Rodriguez – Lakeshore

September 13
The Help – Thomas Newman – Varese Sarabande

September 27
Dream House – John Debney – Varese Sarabande

Date Unknown
Adventures of Casanova
– Hugo Friedhofer – Kritzerland
Adventures of Don Juan (re-recording) – Max Steiner – Tribute Film Classics
Villa Rides! The Western Film Music of Maurice Jarre – Maurice Jarre – Tadlow