Varèse Sarabande (CD Club) – December 6th: FAMILY PLOT (John Williams), TAPS (Maurice Jarre), HOME MOVIES (Pino Donaggio), THE KARATE KID (Bill Conti)


127 Hours – A.R. Rahman (Interscope 1507602)

Black Sea Raid – Terry Plumeri (Intrada Signature Edition ISE1043) – 43:33

First Blood – Jerry Goldsmith (Intrada MAF 7111, 2 CDs) – 87:19

King’s Speech – Alexandre Desplat (Decca 1506402)

In A Better World – Johan Soderqvist (MMS10022)

North Dallas Forty – John Scott (FSMCD Vol.13 No.17)

Yellowbeard – John Morris (Quartet QRSCE016)

UPCOMING SOUNDTRACK RELEASES: FSM, Kritzerland, Varèse Sarabande, Buysoundtrax

Film Score Monthly – NORTH DALLAS FORTY (John Scott, novembro)
Kritzerland – CARRIE (Pino Donaggio, dezembro, 2 CDs)
Varèse Sarabande – GULLIVER’S TRAVELS (Henry Jackman, 21/12/2010)
Buysoundtrax – THE BOUNTY (Vangelis, novembro)


5000 Fingers Of Dr. T. – Frederick Hollander (FSMCD Vol.13 No.16, 3 CDs)

Dead Of Winter – Richard Einhorn (Kritzerland KR 20017-3)

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows – Part 1 – Alexandre Desplat (Water Tower 39212) – 73:56

Kung Fu / Man In The Wilderness – Jim Helms / Johnny Harris (FSMCD Vol.13 No.15) – 65:44

Rain Man – Hans Zimmer (Perseverance PRD 037)

Red Sonja – Ennio Morricone (Perseverance PRD 035)

Skyline – Matthew Margeson (Varèse Sarabande 302 067 057 2) – 52:32

Tangled – Alan Menken (Disney 650802)

Documentary Collection – Alan Williams (SMCD 027, 2 CDs)


(November 15, 2010 – Los Angeles, CA) – The legendary Lalo Schifrin has won a Latin Grammy Award® on November 11th for Pampas, written expressly for the Broad Stage concert and recorded by Antonio Lysy for his release Antonio Lysy at The Broad: Music from Argentina. In addition, Schifrin will receive the Jay McShann Lifetime Achievement Award from The Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame on November 16, 2010.

Pampas, earned Lalo his fifth Grammy in the Best Contemporary Classical Composition category. The recording evokes the magic and majesty of the Argentine plains. Maestro Schifrin describes, “It’s a very moving piece reflecting desolation and the infinite horizons of The Pampas, which is from my home country”.

The win for Schifrin’s current works comes on the heels of the announcement that he will receive the Jay McShann Lifetime Achievement Award from the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame. The award recognizes the contributions Schifrin has made to jazz throughout his six-decade career.

“I feel very fortunate,” said Schifrin, “that even when I’m still writing and active they still consider a lifetime achievement award. I suppose it’s because of the sum of all of the things I’ve done so far.”
Composer Lalo Schifrin is a true Renaissance man. As a pianist, composer and conductor, he is equally at home conducting a symphony orchestra, performing at an international jazz festival, scoring a film or television show.

Schifrin has written over 100 film and television scores including Mission Impossible, Mannix, Cool Hand Luke, Bullitt, The Cincinnati Kid, Enter The Dragon, Amityville Horror, four of the Dirty Harry films, and more recently Abominable and the Rush Hour trilogy. Lalo Schifrin has now won five Grammys® (twenty-two nominations), one Cable ACE Award, and six Academy Award® nominations. His longtime involvement in both the jazz and symphonic worlds came together in 1993 as pianist and conductor for his on-going series of “Jazz Meets the Symphony” recordings. The seventh “Jazz Meets the Symphony” recording is planned for release in February 2011.

To hear Pampas, please visit http://www.yarlungrecords.com/#antoniolysy1 and click on the “Listen Button.” Yarlung has provided both a high resolution and a lower resolution stream of the entire track, in the Antonio Lysy folder.

UPCOMING SOUNDTRACK RELEASES – FSM, Intrada, Counterpoint, Zarathustra, Varèse Sarabande

Film Score Monthly – November 17th: THE 5,000 FINGERS OF DR. T, (Frederick Hollander, 2 CDs), KUNG FU / MAN IN THE WILDERNESS (Jim Helms / Johnny Harris)

Intrada – November: PATTON (Jerry Goldsmith, 2 CDs), GATOR (Charles Bernstein)

Counterpoint Records – SUNSET BLVD (Franz Waxman, November)

Zarathustra Music – THE TEMPEST (Elliot Goldenthal, December 14th)

Varèse Sarabande – THE TOURIST (James Newton Howard, December 21st)


Gator – Charles Bernstein (Intrada Special Collection Volume 149) – 45:13

Halloween Horror Hits – Various (BSXCD 8880)

Il Giustiziere (The Human Factor) – Ennio Morricone (GDM Club 7094)

Night Sins – Mark Snow (BSXCD 8876)

On A Dark And Stormy Night – Aldo Shllaku (BSXCD 8875)

Patton – Jerry Goldsmith (Intrada MAF 7110, 2 CDs) – 77:45


Conan The Barbarian (Cond. Raine) – Basil Poledouris (Prometheus XPCD 169, 2 CDs)

Fair Game – John Powell (Lakeshore 34194)

Haunted Summer – Christopher Young (La-La Land LLLCD 1148)

Human Target – Bear McCreary (La-La Land LLLCD 1150, 3 CDs)

Jackboots On Whitehall – Guy Michelmore (MMS10021)

Jason And The Argonauts (TV) – Simon Boswell (Perseverance PRD 036)

Megamind – Hans Zimmer & Lorne Balfe (Lakeshore 34199)

Ninja – Stephen Edwards (MMS10019)

The Tillman Story – Philip Sheppard (Lakeshore 34197)

Welcome To The Rileys – Marc Streitenfeld (Lakeshore 34198)

Whisperers / Equus – John Barry / Richard Rodney Bennett (Kritzerland KR 20017-2)