LOS ANGELES (July 15, 2010) – The sound of the summer involves the scratch of duct tape, the tinkling of medical instruments and percussion of human and animal bones. Composer Daniel Licht who incorporates these sounds with traditional instrumentation for the Emmy winning Showtime series DEXTER has two score releases available this season from Milan Records. A score compilation from Seasons 2 and 3 are now accessible by iTunes and Amazon.com. A CD release of the Season 4 score will be available August 17.

The DEXTER Facebook page recently exploded with more than 148,000 fans responding to Milan Records offer of a free download of three tracks from Seasons 2 and 3 for one week. A similar offering of the Season 4 soundtrack will be available in August at http://www.Facebook.com/Dexter.

Licht realized a dream when he incorporated into the DEXTER score pre-Columbian instruments such as a sacrificial drum, bone flutes, rasps, pierced phalanges and bullroarers. “When I lived in New York, I visited the ancient music wing of the Metropolitan Museum many times and wondered what the hell the instruments behind the glass sounded like,” said Licht. “He laughingly adds that “I should point out that the sacrificial drum did not have a human skin head as they did in Pre-Columbian times.”

Adding the sounds of duct tape and medical instruments was a natural progression for the story of a forensic expert and serial killer. DEXTER, which is now in production for the September debut of Season 5, has a reputation for unique storytelling as well as music.

The versatile Licht has scored across many genres of film but horror stories hold a soft spot for him. “I got my start doing horror/thriller genre films. I enjoy the fact that music is an essential element that contributes to the tension. I transitioned into dramatic films and then comedy, and only really have come back to thriller via Dexter.”

Dan Licht’s film credits include HELLRAISER BLOODLINE, STEPHEN KING’S THINNER and PERMANENT MIDNIGHT. TV credits include JAKE IN PROGRESS and KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL. He was Emmy nominated for his Season 1 music to DEXTER.

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