Michael Giacchino has won the award of The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences for his excellent musical score for the animated film ‘Up’. This is, undeniably, the perfect finale for a film score that started its multi award career winning the Phoenix Film Critics Society award followed by the Golden Globe and the awards of the Chicago Film Critics Association Awards, the Online Film Critics Society, the Central Ohio Film Critics Association, the Broadcast Film Critics Association, the Austin Film Critics Association as well as the BAFTA and the Grammy.

Michael Giacchino was born in Riverside Township, New Jersey, October 10, 1967. He began in the world of music at the age of ten due to the hobby of shooting home-made movies (using his brother´s pool table as scenario) and putting music to the images. Following this interest in film music in particular and cinema in general, he studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York where he received a major in film production and a minor in history. After graduating, Giacchino started his music studies at the Juilliard School at the Lincoln Center in New York while he was working at the publicity offices for Disney and Universal in New York.

Two years later he moved to Disney Studios in Burbank where he started working in their feature film publicity department. He then moved to Disney Interactive, where he became an assistant producer. He continued to study music in the evenings and during the weekends. On May 13, 2000 his first symphony was released: ‘Camden 2000’, at the Sony E-Center in Camden. This helped raise money for Heart of Camden, an organisation dedicated to the redevelopment of the city. The symphony celebrated the birth, the past nobility and a future of hope for the city of Camden, NJ. 1997 was a key year for Giacchino as a score composer; it was then when DreamWorks Studios asked him to score their PlayStation game ‘The Lost World’ (based on Steven Spielberg’s hit movie of the same title).

This work started a fruitful and enriching collaboration between Giacchino and DreamWorks Interactive, for which he composed the music for the World War II based ‘Medal of Honor’ saga of videogames (also produced by Steven Spielberg), ‘Secret Weapons Over Normandy’ and the first title of the ‘Call of Duty’ saga. The outstanding output in the videogames arena helped Michael Giacchino to meet writer and director J.J Abrams, with whom he would collaborate in two hit TV shows: ‘Alias’ and ‘Lost’ (currently in its sixth and last season). Giacchino became Abrams’ musical inseparable companion, collaborating in the third instalment of ‘Mission Impossible’ or ‘Star Trek (2009)’, the last part of the saga and one of the major box office hits last year.

On the other hand, his work on ‘Alias’ opened him the doors of Pixar Studios where he was hired to do the music for ‘The Incredibles’, a score that proved an excellent homage to John Barry and his legacy for the James Bond saga. The success of ‘The Incredibles’ marked the start of the relationship between Giacchino and Pixar Studios. Thanks to this collaboration he composed what is one of his best scores ever: ‘Ratatouille’. He earned an Oscar nomination in 2008 for that latter work which further provided him with several GoldSpirits.

This summer, Michael Giacchino will be back in Úbeda, Spain, as the Honorary President of the sixth edition of the International Film Music Festival. Film music enthusiasts will have a chance to enjoy, one more year, the company of this excellent composer.

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