Film Score Monthly – MIKLOS ROZSA TREASURY (1949-1968) (Miklos Rozsa, 15 CDs, December 15th)


BACK TO THE FUTURE (2 CDs) – Alan Silvestri (Intrada Special Collection Volume 117) – 89:08

THE FOURTH KIND – Atli Örvarsson (Varese Sarabande 302 066 995 2)

IN SEARCH OF PEACE – Lee Holdridge (Intrada Signature Edition ISE1035) – 101:27


MERLIN SERIES 2 – Rob Lane & Rohan Stevenson (MMS09027)

THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG – Randy Newman (Disney 458502)

SERIOUS MAN – Carter Burwell (Lakeshore 34111)

SURROGATES – Richard Marvin (Lakeshore 34111)

THREE MUSKETEERS / ROBIN AND MARIAN – Michel Legrand (Universal 857999)

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON (Score) – Alexandre Desplat

UPCOMING SOUNDTRACK RELEASES – Varèse Sarabande, Kritzerland

Varèse Sarabande – 24/11/2009: THE KILLING ROOM (Brian Tyler), JESSE STONE: STONE COLD (Jeff Beal)

KritzerlandPRESSURE POINT (Ernest Gold)


EL CID (2 CDs) – Miklos Rozsa (Silva 1299)

THE INFORMANT – Marvin Hamlisch (Silva 1298)

INSPECTOR CLOUSEAU – Ken Thorne (Kritzerland KR 20013-9)

THE RED CANVAS – James Peterson (MMS09025)

SPACE: 1999 YEAR TWO – Derek Wadsworth (Silva 1223)



Los Angeles, CA – Academy Award® winning director Steven Soderbergh recruits legendary composer Marvin Hamlisch to score “The Informant!” After more than a decade of scoring films, Hamlisch is back with his upbeat, jazzy original music for “The Informant!” The film, based on a true story, stars Matt Damon as Mark Whitacre, a rising executive who turns whistleblower for the FBI. “The Informant” also reunites for the 11th time, the multi-award winning music team of Hamlisch and lyricists Alan and Marilyn Bergman with their infectious song, “Trust Me.” This musical dream team is responsible for many legendary songs in film including the iconic love song, “The Way We Were.” Together they have won Oscars®, Grammys™ and Golden Globes®. Hamlisch has also won Emmys®, Tonys®, and a Pulitzer Prize. Marvin Hamlisch has garnered more music accolades than any living person.

Steven Soderbergh decided on Hamlisch for “The Informant!” while the director was on the set of “Che.” One evening in his trailer, Soderbergh and film producer Gregory Jacobs were watching the Woody Allen classic “Bananas.” Soderbergh said, “When was the last time someone wrote a score like that?” Reading Soderbergh’s mind, Jacobs said, “We should get Marvin for ‘The Informant!”

Hamlisch’s music career is distinguished by versatility and substance; his groundbreaking show, “A Chorus Line,” earned the Pulitzer Prize. The prolific composer’s credits include the Oscar®-winning scores and songs for “The Way We Were” and “The Sting.” Other film credits include “Sophie’s Choice,” “Ordinary People,” “Three Men and a Baby,” “Ice Castles,” “Take the Money and Run,” and “Save the Tiger.”

Currently Marvin Hamlisch is the principal pops orchestra conductor for the National Symphony, Pittsburgh Symphony, Colorado Symphony, Milwaukee Symphony, Seattle Symphony and San Diego Symphony. His relationship with Barbara Streisand extends to musical director and arranger on her concert tour of the U.S. and England as well as the television special, “Barbra Streisand: The Concert,” for which he received two of his Emmys®.


Music Composed by Jesper Kyd, Sascha Dikiciyan, Cris Velasco, Raison Varner and Tim Larkin

New York – November 16th, 2009 – Sumthing Else Music Works, through its licensing relationship with Gearbox Software, LLC, proudly presents the Borderlands Original Soundtrack featuring the original musical score from the highly acclaimed video game Borderlands(TM). Developed by Gearbox Software, Borderlands(TM) delivers this year’s most explosive and entertaining role-playing shooter (RPS) by combining the most addictive gaming elements found in action-packed first-person shooters with the deep character development of role-playing games (RPG). The album includes music from the game composed by Jesper Kyd, Sascha Dikiciyan, Cris Velasco and Raison Varner as well as bonus music tracks by these artists and Tim Larkin. The Borderlands Original Soundtrack is released on December 8th to retail outlets through Sumthing Else Music Works http://www.sumthing.com, and will be available for digital download on Sumthing Digital http://www.sumthingdigital.com and iTunes®.

“The Borderlands soundtrack was a tremendous collaborative effort between Cris Velasco and Sascha Dikiciyan, Jesper Kyd and myself,” said Borderlands Audio Director Raison Varner. “From the very beginning we wanted to provide a score to Borderlands(TM) that would stand out as unique and fresh. Borderlands spits attitude from the opening scene until the end of the game and we needed to match that energy. I hope that listeners will enjoy the mix of ethnic instrumentation, heavy electronic influences and driving beats that help keep Borderlands(TM) in your face all the way through!”

Borderlands OST Tracklisting:

1. Prelude (Jesper Kyd)
2. Welcome To Fyrestone (Jesper Kyd)
3. Enter Skag Gully (Raison Varner)
4. Fighting Off The Skags (Raison Varner)
5. Removing The Bandit Threat (Sascha Dikiciyan and Cris Velasco)
6. Traversing The Deep (Raison Varner)
7. Fighting Sledge’s Minions (Sascha Dikiciyan and Cris Velasco)
8. Welcome to The Bunker (Sascha Dikiciyan and Cris Velasco)
9. Smoking Out The Bunker (Sascha Dikiciyan and Cris Velasco)
10. Burning Rubber and Shooting Bullets (Sascha Dikiciyan and Cris Velasco)
11. The Junkyard Vista (Jesper Kyd)
12. Welcome to The Trash Coast (Raison Varner)
13. The Rakkhive Emerges (Raison Varner)
14. Assaulting Krom’s Canyon (Raison Varner)
15. Battling Krom’s Minions (Raison Varner)
16. Fighting Krom and His Gun (Sascha Dikiciyan and Cris Velasco)
17. Trash The Bandits (Sascha Dikiciyan and Cris Velasco)
18. Trash The Bandits Some More (Sascha Dikiciyan and Cris Velasco)
19. Welcome To The Wastelands (Jesper Kyd)
20. Traveling To The Vault (Raison Varner)
21. Destroying the Destroyer (Raison Varner)
22. Bonus – Bring Your Guns (Jesper Kyd)
23. Bonus – Borderlands (Sascha Dikiciyan and Cris Velasco)
24. Bonus – The Old New Haven (Tim Larkin)
25. Bonus – Exploring the Mine (Tim Larkin)
26. Bonus – Exploring Overlook (Sascha Dikiciyan and Cris Velasco)
27. Bonus – The Threat At Overlook (Sascha Dikiciyan and Cris Velasco)

Featuring extensive co-op integration that seamlessly blends the single-player and multiplayer experiences, Borderlands(TM) allows players to freely join or leave each other’s games at any time for collaborative mayhem or the freedom to choose to play in full single-player mode to experience the world on their own. Borderlands(TM) also includes a groundbreaking weapon generation system that offers a near infinite variety of weapons to the player. Borderlands(TM) combines these features with addictive non-stop action to form a breakthrough experience that challenges the conventions of modern shooters and RPGs.

For more information on Borderlands, please visit http://www.borderlandsthegame.com/

UPCOMING SOUNDTRACK RELEASES – Buysoundtrax, Kritzerland, Varèse Sarabande

Buysoundtrax – November: WIND / A WHALE FOR THE KILLING (Basil Poledouris), WINTERHAWK (Lee Holdridge, William Goldstein, Nicholas Flagello)

Kritzerland – November: INSPECTOR CLOUSEAU (Ken Thorne)

Varèse Sarabande – December 15th: ALICE (TV, Ben Mink)


Danny Elfman had already recorded his orchestral score for the long-awaited remake of THE WOLFMAN, starring Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins and Emily Blunt, when it was announced that Paul Haslinger (former Tangerine Dream, who scored the first and third UNDERWORLD) would replace him. Even the brand new trailer (below) still lists Elfman as the film’s composer.