Prolific artist and composer of films like ‘Princess Mononoke’ and ‘Spirited Away’, announces his intention to participate in this renowned event

Joe Hisaishi will be joining other notable guests such as Academy-Award nominees Michael Giacchino and Patrick Doyle as well as Christopher Young, Claudio Simonetti or Joel McNeely. Hisaishi was already honored in 2005 with the L.A. Film Critics Association award for the Best Score of the Year – Howl’s Moving Castle (Hauru no Ugoku). He has further won the Japanese Film Academy Award for Best Music five times.

Born in Nagano (Japan) on 6 December 1950, Joe Hisaishi is considered one of the greatest film music composers of our time, with a body of work that further expands onto other generes. Joe Hisaishi served, for instance, as the Executive Music Producer for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies as well as all the cultural events of the Nagano Winter Olympic Games in 1998.

His stylistically distinct sound is capable of accommodating as many different musical approaches as requested. Thus, his achievements range from working with directors like Hayao Miyazaki (Porco Rosso, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away) to Takeshi Kitano, whose films (e.g. Brother, Kikujiro’s Summer) describe the lives of tragic characters in modern Japan; quite the opposite of the idyllic worlds envisaged by maestro Miyazaki.

Joe Hisaishi’s latest accomplishment has been the score for the Academy Award-winning film in a Foreign Language: Departures, directed by Tojiro Takita. For more information about the composer, please visit his official site at:

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