U.S. Comedy Arts Festival Winner Opens June 29

(Los Angeles, CA) Award- winning British composer and playwright Murray Gold scores “Death at a Funeral.” This Black comedy directed by Frank Oz won this year’s U.S. Comedy Arts Festival. The film stars Matthew MacFayden, Rupert Graves, Ewen Bremner, and Peter Dinklage and tells the story of a dysfunctional British family attempt to bid a somber farewell to the family patriarch, only to find their mourning disrupted. “Death at a Funeral” opens in the U.S. on June 29.

Famed for his work on the legendary “Doctor Who” series, Gold is one of the most inspired and uncompromising composers in his field; the composer of choice when it comes to scoring the most innovative programs on television. He has been nominated for a BAFTA three times in the category Best Original Television Music, for “Vanity Fair,” “Queer as Folk” and for “Casanova.” His score for the BAFTA winning film “Kiss of Life” was awarded the ‘Mozart Prize of the 7th Art’ by a French jury at Aubagne in 2003. He has also been nominated four times by the Royal Television Society in categories relating to music for television.

Murray Gold also wrote the theme tunes for “Doctor Who” spin-offs “The Sarah Jane Adventures” and “Torchwood,” and composes music for the latter series alongside Ben Foster. He arranged the theme tunes to “Totally Doctor Who” and “Doctor Who Confidential.” He has appeared as himself in several episodes of the latter program. In film, Gold composed an evocative jazz score to Jez Butterworth’s acclaimed first feature, “Mojo,” followed by providing the music for further UK film productions in “Heavenly Creatures,” “Wild About Harry” and “Miranda.” Recent film commissions include “Mischief Night,” directed by Penny Woolcock.

As a playwright, Gold was awarded the Michael Imison award for best new play for “Electricity” after its broadcast on Radio 3 in 2001. It subsequently transferred to the West Yorkshire Playhouse in 2004 and was performed with Christopher Eccleston in the lead role. His other plays include “50 Revolutions” performed by the Oxford Stage Company at the Whitehall Theatre, London in 2000; and “Resolution” performed at Battersea Arts Centre in 1994.

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