basil2We regret to inform that one of the most beloved contemporary film composer, Basil Poledouris, lost his battle with cancer on Wednesday, November 8th, at the age of 61. Much of the music Basil created defined each genre in which he worked for many years to follow. His talent was widely recognized by his fans and applauded by his peers in the composing community. Basil Poledouris was born on August 21, 1945 in Kansas City. He studied directing, cinematography, editing, sound and music at USC. Some of his film and TV works included Big Wednesday, Blue Lagoon, Conan the Barbarian, Red Dawn, Flesh and Blood, The Twilight Zone, Iron Eagle, Amerika, RoboCop, Lonesome Dove, Farewell to the King, Wired, The Hunt for Red October, Quigley Down Under, White Fang, Flight of the Intruder, Free Willy, It’s My Party, The War at Home, Starship Troopers, For the Love of the Game, Cecil B. Demented, and The Legend of Butch & Sundance.