Neal Acree: Juncture. Tree Adams: Keith • Hard Luck • Ways of the Flesh.
Brian Adler: Looking for Sunday.
Mark Adler: Noble Son (co-composer) • The Far Side of Jericho.
Eric Allaman: Race. Michael Andrews: Unaccompanied Minors.
David Arnold: Amazing Grace • Casino Royale • Venus • Hot Fuzz.
Alexandre Azaria: Love and Other Disasters.
Angelo Badalamenti: Secrets of Love.
Klaus Badelt: Heaven and Earth • Rescue Dawn • Premonition.
Nathan Barr: Rise • Watching the Detectives • Hostel 2.
Ben Bartlett: Blood Trails.
Tyler Bates: 300 • The Haunted World of El Superbeasto • Halloween.
Jeff Beal: He Was a Quiet Man • Where God Left His Shoes • The Situation.
Christophe Beck: School for Scoundrels.
Marco Beltrami: The Invisible • Captivity • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles • Live Free or Die Hard.
Charles Bernstein: Bull Run.
David Bergeaud: Three.
Chris Boardman: Local Color.
Scott Bomar: Black Snake Moan • Maggie Lynn.
Simon Boswell: Free Jimmy.
Jason Brandt: Something’s Wrong in Kansas • Night of the Living Dead 3D.
David Bridie: Gone.
Mickey Bullock: Sportkill.
Justin Caine Burnett: I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer.
Carter Burwell: Fur • The Hoax.
Niall Byrne: Small Engine Repair.
Peter Calandra: Jellysmoke.
William Camilleri: Dance to the Offbeat • The Velvet Abstract.
Jeff Cardoni: Firehouse Dog • American Pie: The Naked Mile.
Nick Cave: The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (co-composer).
George S. Clinton: Flakes • The Cleaner • The Santa Clause 3.
Charlie Clouser: Dead Silence • Saw III.
Elia Cmiral: Journey to the End of the Night.
Graham Collins: Black Kissinger.
Bill Conti: Rocky Balboa.
Bruno Coon: The Oh in Ohio.
Normand Corbeil: The Contract.
Burkhard Dallwitz: Romeo and Me • Taking Tiger Mountain • Caterpillar Wish • Train to Glory.
Mychael Danna: Breach • Surf’s Up • Nativity.
Don Davis: The Marine.
John Debney: Everyone’s Hero • Evan Almighty.
Alexandre Desplat: The Queen • The Painted Veil • Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.
Ramin Djawadi: Open Season.
James Michael Dooley: Urmel aus dem Eis • Bone Dry.
Patrick Doyle: As You Like It • The Last Legion • Eragon • Have Mercy on Us All.
Ludek Drizhal: Life Goes On • Badland.
Anne Dudley: Perfect Creature • Black Book • The Walker.
Randy Edelman: Underdog • The Last Time.
Steve Edwards: Feast.
Danny Elfman: Charlotte’s Web • Meet the Robinsons • The Sixth Element.
Jonathan Elias: A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints • Pathfinder.
Alan Elliott: Let’s Go to Prison.
Warren Ellis: The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (co-composer).
Stephen Endelman: O Jerusalem • Home of the Brave.
Ilan Eshkeri: Decameron: Angels and Virgins.
Evan Evans: Hoboken Hollow.
Sharon Farber: When Nietzsche Wept • The Tribe.
Guy Farley: The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey • The Flock • Knife Edge.
Louis Febre: Tenderness.
George Fenton: The Wind That Shakes the Barley • The History Boys.
Robert Folk: Van Wilder 2 • Magdalene • Antonio Vivaldi.
Damon Fox: The Kid and I.
Jason Frederick: Chinaman’s Chance.
John Frizzell: The Woods • Black Irish • Careless • First Born • Primeval.
Andy Garfield: Hatchet.
Michael Giacchino: Ratatouille.
Richard Gibbs: John Tucker Must Die.
Vincent Gillioz: Pray for Morning • L’Ecart • Séance • Say It in Russian.
Scott Glasgow: Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles • Hack! • Toxic • Nailed • The Gene Generation.
Philip Glass: The Reaping • Notes on a Scandal • Untitled Scott Hicks Movie.
Elliot Goldenthal: Across the Universe.
Paul Grabowsky: The Grooming.
Jeff Grace: The Last Winter • Triggerman.
Harry Gregson-Williams: Deja Vu • The Number 23 • Flushed Away • Seraphim Falls • Shrek 3 • The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.
Jacob Groth: The Ugly Duckling and Me.
Larry Groupé: Resurrecting the Champ.
Andrea Guerra: The Pursuit of Happyness.
Christopher Gunning: La Vie en Rose.
Steven Gutheinz: Rothenburg • The Good Mother.
Paul Haslinger: Turistas • Crank.
Richard Hartley: Diamond Dead.
Reinhold Heil: Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (co-composer).
Alex Heffes: The Last King of Scotland.
Christian Henson: Severance • It’s A Boy Girl Thing.
Eric Hester: Lost Mission • Frail.
Joe Hisaishi: The Aunt’s Postmodern Life.
Andrew Hollander: East Broadway • Waitress • Gray Matters.
Nicholas Hooper: Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix.
James Horner: All the King’s Men • Apocalypto.
Richard Horowitz: Genghis Khan.
James Newton Howard: The Lookout • Michael Clayton • The Blood Diamond.
Steve Isles: Backwaters • Nina’s Heavenly Delights.
Mark Isham: The Black Dahlia • Pride and Glory • Bobby • Freedom Writers.
Steve Jablonsky: Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Origin • D-War • Transformers.
Tim Jones: Behind the Smile • Eye of the Dolphin.
Adrian Johnston: Sparkle • Becoming Jane.
Trevor Jones: Fields of Freedom • Miguel and William.
David Julyan: The Last Drop • The Prestige.
George Kallis: Highlander: The Source • Antigravity.
Tuomas Kantelinen: Honor • Votergate • Quest for a Heart.
Laura Karpman: Man in the Chair • Out at the Wedding.
Rolfe Kent: Reign O’er Me • Fred Claus • Spring Break in Bosnia.
David Kitay: Caffeine. Johnny Klimek: Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (co-composer).
Harald Kloser: 10,000 BC.
Abel Korzeniowski: PU-239.
Penka Kouneva: The Third Nail • Richard III.
Sondre Lerche: Dan in Real Life.
James S. Levine: Running with Scissors.
Andrew Lockington: Skinwalkers • Step.
Joseph LoDuca: Bar Starz.
Henning Lohner: In the Name of the King.
Erik Lundborg: Absolute Trust.
Mark Mancina: Shooter.
Harry Manfredini: Dead and Gone.
Clint Mansell: The Fountain • Smokin’ Aces • Wind Chill.
David Mansfield: El Carnaval de Sodoma • Diggers.
Dario Marianelli: The Return • Goodbye Bafana • Atonement.
Philip Marshall: Blind Guy Driving.
Cliff Martinez: First Snow.
Mark McKenzie: The Ultimate Gift • The Last Sin Eater.
Joel McNeely: Cinderella III • Fox and the Hound II • The Tinkerbell Movie.
Peter Melnick: Farce of the Penguins.
Alan Menken: Enchanted • The Frog Princess.
Joseph Metcalfe: The Hard Corps.
Dave Metzger: Brother Bear 2.
Guy Michelmore: Iron Man • Dr. Strange.
Philip Miller: Catch a Fire.
Randy Miller: Last Time Forever • Shanghai Red • Slipstream.
Charlie Mole: Fade to Black.
Deborah Mollison: Too Much Too Young • Infinite Justice.
Andrea Morricone: Raul – Diritto di uccidere • Veronica Decides to Die.
Mark Mothersbaugh: How to Eat Fried Worms • Mama’s Boy • Quid Pro Quo.
Peter Nashel: The Pleasure of Your Company.
Blake Neely: Starter for Ten.
Thomas Newman: Little Children • The Good German.
Lennie Niehaus: Flags of Our Fathers.
John Nordstrom: Nearing Grace.
Julian Nott: The Underdog.
Paul Oakenfold: Victims • Noble Son (co-composer).
Dean Ogden: Oranges.
John Ottman: The Visiting • Fantastic Four 2.
John Paesano: Shamrock Boy.
Barrington Pheloung: Little Fugitive.
Martin Phipps: The Flying Scotsman.
Antonio Pinto: The Golden Age (co-composer).
Basil Poledouris: Bunyan and Babe.
Steve Porcaro: The Wizard of Gore • Cougar Club.
Rachel Portman: Infamous.
John Powell: Happy Feet • The Bourne Ultimatum.
Trevor Rabin: Gridiron Gang • Snakes on a Plane • The Guardian.
Didier Rachou: Nice Guys • Her Best Move • How to Rob a Bank.
A.R. Rahman: The Golden Age (co-composer).
Brian Ralston: Graduation • 9/Tenths.
J.A.C. Redford: Leroy and Stitch.
Brian Reitzell: Stranger Than Fiction.
Joe Renzetti: 39 • Universal Signs.
Graeme Revell: Bordertown • Man of the Year.
David Reynolds: Heavens Fall.
Matt Robertson: The Forest.
David Robbins: Bernard and Doris.
William Ross: September Dawn • Driftwood.
Laura Rossi: Brighton to London.
H. Scott Salinas: Tripping Forward • Strictly Sexual • What We Did on Our Holidays.
Anton Sanko: Delirious.
Gustavo Santaolalla: Babel. Nitin Sawhney: The Namesake.
Brad Sayles: The Bracelet of Bordeaux.
Eric Serra: Arthur and the Minimoys.
Marc Shaiman: Hairpsray.
Theodore Shapiro: Mr Woodcock.
Edward Shearmur: 88 Minutes.
David Shire: Zodiac.
Howard Shore: The Departed.
Carlo Siliotto: Italian Dream • Dear Anne – The Gift of Hope.
Alan Silvestri: Night at the Museum • Beowulf.
BC Smith: Beer League.
Mark Snow: Private Fears in Public Places.
Jason Solowsky: Zen Man • 110%: When Blood, Sweat and Tears Are Not Enough •The Deepening.
Marc Streitenfeld: American Gangster.
John Swihart: Employee of the Month.
Johan Söderqvist: Walk the Talk • Exit • Give Me Love.
Joby Talbot: Sixty Six • Penelope.
Frederic Talgorn: Président • Nos jours heureux • Molière ou le Comédien Malgré lui • Asterix at the Olympic Games.
John Tavener: The Children of Men.
Mark Thomas: Back in Business • Moondance Alexander • Tales of the Riverbank.
Martin Todsharow: TKKG und die rätselhafte Mind-Machine.
Tomandandy: The Covenant.
Tom Tykwer: Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (co-composer).
Brian Tyler: Bug • Partition • Time to Kill • Rogue.
James L. Venable: Happily N’Ever After • Clerks II.
Shirley Walker: Black Christmas.
Michael Wandmacher: The Killing Floor.
Stephen Warbeck: Goal 2 – Living the Dream • Killshot • Flawless.
Matthias Weber: Crossover • Dead in Three Days.
Craig Wedren: Reno 911 – Miami.
Edwin Wendler: Taking Your Life.
Nigel Westlake: Miss Potter.
John Clifford White: Macbeth. A
lan Williams: The Velveteen Rabbit • Angst • Snow Princess • He Love Her, She Loves Him Not.
Tim Williams: Afterthought • A Dog’s Breakfast.
Alex Wurman: Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.
Gabriel Yared: Azur et Asmar • Breaking and Entering • Manolete.
Christopher Young: Ghost Rider •Lucky You • The Grudge 2 • Spider-Man 3 • The Messengers.
Geoff Zanelli: Disturbia • Delgo.
Marcelo Zarvos: Hollywoodland • The Architecht • My Life as an Idiot • Ira and Abby.
Aaron Zigman: Flicka • The Martian Child • Bridge to Terabithia.
Hans Zimmer: The Holiday • The Simpsons.

3 thoughts on “UPCOMING SCORE ASSIGNMENTS (Updated September, 8th)

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