Weinstein/Dimension Film Opens August 11

(Los Angeles, CA) Composer Elia Cmiral scores “Pulse” for director Jim Sonzero and The Weinstein Company/Dimension Films. Inspired by a popular Japanese film, the Wes Craven-penned thriller tells the story of young computer hackers who channel a mysterious signal that opens a doorway to another world, full of forces looking for a portal to cross over in order to wreak havoc. Starring a hot young cast that includes Kristen Bell (“Veronica Mars”), Ian Somerhalder (“Lost”) and Christina Milian (“Love Don’t Cost a Thing”), the film opens August 11. This is Cmiral’s second collaboration with Craven, having scored “Wes Craven Presents: They” in 2002.

For “Pulse,” Cmiral crafted a contemporary electronica/modern orchestral score. Using an ISDN connection from his home in Los Angeles, he conducted seventy minutes of score with a sixty piece orchestra located in his native Czech Republic. With three programmers to handle the huge amount of sound design and five orchestrators, he used extensive synths and percussion programming, a programmed choir and live voices including his own. “The work was intense,” he says, “(director) Jim Sonzero made me explore every possible or impossible musical and sonic corner.”

Born in Czechoslovakia, Elia Cmiral quickly established himself as one of Europe’s leading young composers after graduating from the prestigious Prague Music Conservatory. He wrote scores for several European films and three ballets before coming to the United States to attend USC’s famous Film Scoring Program, after which he was hired to produce tango-based music for “Apartment Zero,” composing a now-classic full length score in a scant ten days. By the mid-1990s, Cmiral had garnered a reputation with Hollywood executives, and after scoring the successful “Nash Bridges” television series, he was selected to score John Frankenheimer’s suspense thriller “Ronin,” starring Robert DeNiro. Following the success of “Ronin,” Elia has continued to provide highly original and evocative scores for major Hollywood studios as well as independent filmmakers, including “Stigmata,” “Battlefield Earth,” “Bones” and “Species 3.”

This year, in addition to “Pulse,” Cmiral scored the dark drama “Journey to the End of the Night,” directed by Eric Eason for Millennium Films, which premiered at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival in New York.


World Premiere at the Beverly Hills International Music Festival August 11th

(Beverly Hills, CA) Film composer Aaron Zigman premieres his original concert work, entitled “Vis Vitae,” at the Third Annual Beverly Hills International Music Festival. The festival offers young musicians the opportunity to study with and hear performances by world-renowned musicians. Featured during the weeklong concert series will be “Voices of Hollywood”
On August 11th at 8 pm, at which works by notable film composers including Zigman, John Williams, Andre Previn and the late Erich W. Korngold will be performed. The concert is at the Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church, located at 505 North Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Tickets can be purchased for $25.00 by calling 310.779.7622 or emailing

Zigman has three films opening in theaters in the next three months. The musically charged dance film “Step Up” opens August 11th, “10th and Wolf,” the gangster themed film starring Giovanni Ribisi, James Marsden, and Brad Renfro, opens on August 18th, and the family western “Flicka,” starring country music star Tim McGraw and Alison Lohman, opens October 20th.

Zigman’s strong classical background allows him to successfully work in several different musical areas, from popular music to film scores to orchestral concert works. He began his musical career as a producer and arranger for popular music stars including Aretha Franklin, Natalie Cole, Tina Turner, Carly Simon, Christina Aguilera and Seal. His numerous symphonic pieces include a 35 minute-long tone poem divided into five movements, written as a tribute to former Israeli Prime Minister Itzhak Rabin, and “Impressions,” a suite for a wind ensemble.

Zigman began to work in film as the arranger and orchestrater for feature films such as “Mulan,” “The Birdcage,” “Licensed to
Kill” and “Pocahontas.” His first feature film score was “John Q.,” starring Denzel Washington and directed by Nick Cassavetes, whom he soon collaborated with again on the box-office hit “The Notebook.” His recent film credits include scores for “ATL,” “Take the Lead,” the music-intensive dance drama starring Antonio Banderas, and “Akeelah and the Bee,” the critically-acclaimed film with Laurence Fishburne and Angela Bassett.


Film music legend Ennio Morricone will lead a concert of his music, his first ever in the U.S., on February 3rd, 2007, at New York’s Radio City Music Hall. He will conduct a 100-piece orchestra and a 100-piece choir in selections from some of his most famous film works, including The Mission and the Sergio Leone Westerns.


Producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. and Sony Pictures Entertainment, announced that Chris Cornell, the singer/songwriter behind Soundgarden, Audioslave and Temple of the Dog, has written, in collaboration with Bond composer David Arnold, and will perform the main title song entitled “You Know My Name,” for the new James Bond adventure Casino Royale, with Daniel Craig as the new 007. The film, directed by Martin Campbell, will be released worldwide by Columbia Pictures on November 17, 2006.


Neal Acree: Juncture.
Tree Adams: Keith • Hard Luck.
Brian Adler: Looking for Sunday.
Mark Adler: Noble Son (co-composer).
Eric Allaman: Race.
Michael Andrews: Unaccompanied Minors.
Craig Armstrong: World Trade Center.
David Arnold: Amazing Grace • Casino Royale • Venus • Hot Fuzz.
Angelo Badalamenti: The Wicker Man • Secrets of Love.
Klaus Badelt: Heaven and Earth.
Nathan Barr: Beerfest • Rise • Watching the Detectives • Hostel 2.
Ben Bartlett: Blood Trails.
Tyler Bates: 300 • The Haunted World of El Superbeasto • Halloween.
Jeff Beal: He Was a Quiet Man • Where God Left His Shoes • The Situation.
Christophe Beck: Zoom.
Marco Beltrami: The Invisible • Captivity • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
David Bergeaud: Three.
Chris Boardman: Local Color.
Scott Bomar: Black Snake Moan • Maggie Lynn.
Simon Boswell: Free Jimmy.
Jason Brandt: Something’s Wrong in Kansas • Night of the Living Dead 3D.
Mickey Bullock: Sportkill.
Justin Caine Burnett: I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer.
Carter Burwell: Fur • The Hoax.
Niall Byrne: Small Engine Repair.
Peter Calandra: Jellysmoke.
Jeff Cardoni: Firehouse Dog.
Nick Cave: The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (co-composer).
George S. Clinton: Flakes • The Cleaner • The Santa Clause 3.
Charlie Clouser: Saw III.
Elia Cmiral: Pulse • Journey to the End of the Night.
Graham Collins: Black Kissinger.
Bill Conti: Rocky Balboa.
Bruno Coon: The Oh in Ohio.
Normand Corbeil: The Contract.
Burkhard Dallwitz: Romeo and Me • Taking Tiger Mountain • Caterpillar Wish • Train to Glory.
Mychael Danna: Little Miss Sunshine • Breach • Surf’s Up • Nativity.
Don Davis: The Marine.
John Debney: Barnyard • The Ant Bully • Idlewild • Everyone’s Hero.
Alexandre Desplat: The Painted Veil • Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.
Ramin Djawadi: Open Season.
James Michael Dooley: Urmel aus dem Eis • Bone Dry.
Patrick Doyle: Jekyll + Hyde • As You Like It • The Last Legion • Eragon • Have Mercy on Us All.
Ludek Drizhal: Life Goes On • Badland.
Anne Dudley: Perfect Creature • Black Book.
Randy Edelman: Underdog • The Last Time.
Steve Edwards: Undisputed 2 • Rome and Jewel.
Danny Elfman: Charlotte’s Web • Meet the Robinsons.
Jonathan Elias: Pathfinder.
Alan Elliott: Let’s Go to Prison.
Warren Ellis: The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (co-composer).
Stephen Endelman: O Jerusalem.
Ilan Eshkeri: Decameron: Angels and Virgins.
Evan Evans: Hoboken Hollow.
Sharon Farber: When Nietzsche Wept • The Tribe.
Guy Farley: The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey • The Flock • Knife Edge.
Louis Febre: Tenderness.
George Fenton: The History Boys.
Robert Folk: Van Wilder 2 • Magdalene • Antonio Vivaldi.
Damon Fox: The Kid and I.
Jason Frederick: Chinaman’s Chance.
John Frizzell: The Woods • Black Irish • Careless • First Born • Primeval.
Andy Garfield: Hatchet.
Michael Giacchino: Ratatouille.
Richard Gibbs: John Tucker Must Die.
Scott Glasgow: Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles • Hack! • Toxic.
Philip Glass: The Reaping • Notes on a Scandal • Untitled Scott Hicks Movie.
Elliot Goldenthal: Across the Universe.
Paul Grabowsky: The Grooming.
Jeff Grace: The Last Winter • Triggerman.
Harry Gregson-Williams: Deja Vu • The Number 23 • Flushed Away • Seraphim Falls • Shrek 3 • The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.
Jacob Groth: The Ugly Duckling and Me.
Larry Groupé: Resurrecting the Champ.
Christopher Gunning: La Vie en Rose.
Steven Gutheinz: Rothenburg • The Good Mother.
Paul Haslinger: Turistas • Crank.
Richard Hartley: Diamond Dead.
Reinhold Heil: Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (co-composer).
Alex Heffes: The Last King of Scotland.
Christian Henson: Severance • It’s A Boy Girl Thing.
Eric Hester: Lost Mission • Frail.
Joe Hisaishi: The Aunt’s Postmodern Life.
Nicholas Hooper: Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix.
James Horner: All the King’s Men • Apocalypto • The Good Shepherd.
James Newton Howard: The Lookout • Michael Clayton.
Steve Isles: Backwaters • Nina’s Heavenly Delights.
Mark Isham: Invincible • The Black Dahlia • Pride and Glory • Bobby • Freedom Writers.
Steve Jablonsky: Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Origin • D-War • Transformers.
Tim Jones: Behind the Smile • Eye of the Dolphin.
Trevor Jones: Fields of Freedom • Miguel and William.
David Julyan: The Last Drop • The Prestige.
Tuomas Kantelinen: Honor • Votergate • Quest for a Heart.
Laura Karpman: Man in the Chair • Out at the Wedding.
Rolfe Kent: Reign O’er Me • Fred Claus • Spring Break in Bosnia.
David Kitay: Caffeine.
Johnny Klimek: Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (co-composer).
Harald Kloser: 10.000 BC.
Abel Korzeniowski: PU-239.
Penka Kouneva: The Third Nail • Richard III.
Nathan Larson: The Queen.
Sondre Lerche: Dan in Real Life.
James S. Levine: Running with Scissors.
Andrew Lockington: Skinwalkers • Step.
Joseph LoDuca: Bar Starz.
Henning Lohner: In the Name of the King.
Erik Lundborg: Absolute Trust.
Mark Mancina: Shooter.
Clint Mansell: The Fountain • Smokin’ Aces • Wind Chill.
David Mansfield: Stephanie Daley • El Carnaval de Sodoma.
Dario Marianelli: The Return • Goodbye Bafana.
Philip Marshall: Blind Guy Driving.
Cliff Martinez: First Snow.
Mark McKenzie: The Ultimate Gift.
Joel McNeely: Fox and the Hound II • The Tinkerbell Movie.
Peter Melnick: Farce of the Penguins.
Alan Menken: Enchanted • The Frog Princess.
Joseph Metcalfe: The Hard Corps.
Dave Metzger: Brother Bear 2.
Guy Michelmore: Iron Man • Dr. Strange.
Randy Miller: Last Time Forever • Shanghai Red • Slipstream.
Charlie Mole: Fade to Black.
Deborah Mollison: Too Much Too Young • Infinite Justice.
Andrea Morricone: Raul – Diritto di uccidere • Veronica Decides to Die.
Mark Mothersbaugh: How to Eat Fried Worms.
John Murphy: Miami Vice.
Peter Nashel: The Night Listener.
Blake Neely: Starter for Ten.
Thomas Newman: Little Children • The Good German.
John Nordstrom: Nearing Grace.
Julian Nott: The Underdog.
Paul Oakenfold: Victims • Noble Son (co-composer).
John Ottman: Night at the Museum.
John Paesano: Shamrock Boy.
Alan Parker: Stormbreaker.
Barrington Pheloung: Little Fugitive.
Martin Phipps: The Flying Scotsman.
Basil Poledouris: Bunyan and Babe.
Steve Porcaro: The Wizard of Gore.
Rachel Portman: Infamous.
John Powell: Happy Feet • The Bourne Ultimatum.
Trevor Rabin: Gridiron Gang • Snakes on a Plane • The Guardian.
Brian Ralston: Graduation • 9/Tenths.
J.A.C. Redford: Leroy and Stitch.
Graeme Revell: Bordertown • Man of the Year.
David Reynolds: Heavens Fall.
David Robbins: Bernard and Doris.
J. Peter Robinson: Highlander: The Source.
William Ross: September Dawn • Driftwood.
Laura Rossi: Brighton to London.
H. Scott Salinas: Tripping Forward • Strictly Sexual • What We Did on Our Holidays.
Anton Sanko: Delirious.
Gustavo Santaolalla: Babel.
Nitin Sawhney: The Namesake.
Brad Sayles: The Bracelet of Bordeaux.
Eric Serra: Arthur and the Minimoys.
Marc Shaiman: Hairpsray.
Theodore Shapiro: Idiocracy • Mr Woodcock.
Edward Shearmur: 88 Minutes.
Howard Shore: The Departed.
Carlo Siliotto: Italian Dream • Dear Anne – The Gift of Hope.
Alan Silvestri: Beowulf.
BC Smith: Beer League.
Mark Snow: Private Fears in Public Places.
Jason Solowsky: Zen Man • 110%: When Blood, Sweat and Tears Are Not Enough • The Deepening.
Marc Streitenfeld: American Gangster.
John Swihart: Employee of the Month.
Johan Söderqvist: Walk the Talk • Exit • Give Me Love.
Joby Talbot: Sixty Six • Penelope.
Frederic Talgorn: Président • Nos jours heureux • Molière ou le Comédien Malgré lui • Asterix at the Olympic Games.
John Tavener: The Children of Men.
Mark Thomas: Back in Business • Moondance Alexander • Tales of the Riverbank.
Tom Tykwer: Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (co-composer).
Brian Tyler: Bug • Partition.
James L. Venable: Happily N’Ever After • Clerks II.
Shirley Walker: Black Christmas.
Michael Wandmacher: The Killing Floor.
Stephen Warbeck: Goal 2 – Living the Dream • Killshot.
Mathias Weber: Crossover • Dead in Three Days.
Craig Wedren: Reno 911 – Miami.
Edwin Wendler: Taking Your Life.
Nigel Westlake: Miss Potter.
Alan Williams: The Velveteen Rabbit • Angst • Snow Princess • He Love Her, She Loves Him Not.
Tim Williams: Afterthought • A Dog’s Breakfast.
Debbie Wiseman: Middletown.
Alex Wurman: Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.
Gabriel Yared: Azur et Asmar • Breaking and Entering.
Christopher Young: Ghost Rider • Lucky You • The Grudge 2 • Spider-Man 3 • The Messengers.
Geoff Zanelli: Disturbia • Delgo.
Marcelo Zarvos: Trainwreck: Hollywoodland • The Architecht • My Life as an Idiot • Ira and Abby.
Aaron Zigman: Flicka • Step Up • Bridge to Terabithia.
Hans Zimmer: The Holiday • The Simpsons.


ARRIVANO I TITANI – Carlo Rustichelli (Digitmovies CDDM 060) – 73:37
CHI L’HA VISTA MORIRE (Who Saw Her Die) – Ennio Morricone (Digitmovies CDDM 059)
FAREWELL TO THE KING (Expanded) – Basil Poledouris (Prometheus PCD 159)
GLI SCASSINATORI (The Burglars) – Ennio Morricone (GDM Club 7033)
LA PROVINCIALE – Ennio Morricone (Rai Trade FRT 418) – 54:48
METELLO – Ennio Morricone (GDM Club 2071)
O RE – Nicola Piovani (LKP 584)


DEATH ON THE NILE – Nino Rota (DRG 19091)
THE DESCENT – David Julyan (Cooking Vinyl 4774) – 49:42
GARFIELD: A TALE OF TWO KITTIES / GARFIELD THE MOVIE – Christophe Beck (Bulletproof 1005)
GLORIA – Bill Conti (Varèse Sarabande VCL 0706 1050) – 40:44
JOE 90 – Barry Gray (Silva 1209)
MONSTER HOUSE – Douglas Pipes (Varèse Sarabande 302 066 746 2) – 49:19
SKY BANDITS – Alfi Kabiljo (Varèse Sarabande VCL 0706 1053)
SLITHER – Tyler Bates (Bulletproof 1004)
AN UNFINISHED LIFE (Unused Score) – Christopher Young (Varèse Sarabande VCL 0706 1052)
WAR OF THE ROSES / THE SANDLOT – David Newman (Varèse Sarabande VCL 0706 1051) – 53:54


(Los Angeles, CA) Los Angeles based composer and lyricist team Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner provide the song “Happy Morning” for the new Folgers Coffee national campaign, produced by Saatchi & Saatchi. With it, Folgers takes an innovative new approach to advertising, both by only showing the commercial online and possibly in theaters and through its unusual content. The commercial can be seen on YouTube at

In the unique commercial, figures dressed in yellow represent morning sunbeams that prance around and wake sleeping people by singing Zachary and Weiner’s song. For the song, the two combine an upbeat melody with quirky lyrics that include the repeated phrase “You can sleep when you are dead.” The result is a humorous, tongue-in-cheek, extremely catchy tune that subtly mocks the coffee drinker who has not yet had his caffeine boost. Paired withaward-winning director Steve Ayson’s unique visuals, it demonstrates a fresh approach to commercial making. Zachary and Weiner’s credits include several collaborative projects in both musical film and theater and non-musical film. They have worked extensively with Disney, writing the score and original songs for the film “Cinderella II: Dreams Come True,” for which Zachary won Best Original Score at the DVD Exclusive Awards, and the books, lyrics, and score for the stage production “Twice Charmed: An Original Twist on the Cinderella Story,” premiering on the Disney Cruise Line. Currently, they are finishing work on the film “Cinderella III.”

In addition to their work with Disney, their family musical, “Mystery of the Dancing Princesses,” was presented at the Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera and the National Alliance for Musical Theatre Festival in New York. Non-musical credits include the films “Man of the Century” and “The Time Machine.” For their upcoming projects, the two will work with Broadway producer Adam Epstein on an animated musical film, and with writer Rupert Holmes on a Broadway adaptation of the New Line Cinema film “Secondhand Lions.”